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Monday, August 8, 2011

What an Artist should know

An Artist - What You Should Know

An Artist is an individual who uses their “gift” from the inner depths of their soul, expressing their thoughts and applying it on the media or medium of their choice. Art applies to our senses or emotions.
The Northwest Eagle
Northwest Eagle - Acrylic by Bari Demers 


Bari was born in Northern Canada and won his first art award from the Okanagan Art College at the age of 18.

He also went to Cariboo College in Kamloops,B.C. where he also pursue a drafting tech certificate.
After his diploma, opportunity arose to work with many clients in and around the Engineering field with UMA of Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna  and Vancouver.

Bari has spent the last 30 years between Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton.

He started creating Art pieces again after the fall of his drafting career in 1986, due to CAD. Computer Aid Drafting was introduced leaving 5000 drafting professional strained and subsequently laid-off over night.

Needless to say, Bari had no choice, but find steady work to feed his family.


After time in the Culinary Arts Program he went back into cooking field, that his Italian grandfather introduced so many years ago.  Even though Chef Bari enjoyed cooking for small groups and family, long hours in the hospitality industry was more than demanding.

He did become Top Third Year Apprentice of North Alberta through NAIT winning his name on a cup and plaque for his wall, including bursaries monies.

Chef Bari's love for applied arts, lead him into publishing his own cookbook, "Canadian Recipes of the Great White North", after the death of his child, Jenni Michelle Demers, " loving memory of Jenni".


In time, Bari had the choice to go back into Art and Writing.

His art surrounded the use of acrylic and mixed media on canvas, all inspired by nature, especially the beautiful coast of British Columbia and Alberta's National Parks.

Native Coastal Art pieces were introduced to him by his Arts Teacher, Mr. Wilson, during his high school years at VSS ( Vernon Secondary High School).  It  was Mr. Wilson who encouraged Bari to peruse a career in the Arts Program.

After graduating from high school, Bari went to Okanagan College in Kelowna, B.C. for a two year program, planning to continue his studies onto UBC. But, unfortunately, his father,( well, no other way to explain his father, except as a monster of a human being) expressed that going into the Arts Program was something a Gay person does. After his usual beating, Bari finally left his dark past behind.

Unfortunately, after one and half years of Art College, Bari had no choice but to step out of the program, simply because he couldn't afford it. Today College system is so much better, when it comes to funding a student; not in those days.

He began doing hard labour work on a nearby farm in the Lumby area. After a year of long hard work, he broke his back and ended up in the Kamloops hospital for a good year. Fortunately for him, the doctors, Dr. Singh and Dr. Monkman were able to fix him.

After this, he knew he had to go back to school.  It was then he went into becoming a Draftsman.

As the story goes, Bari has come back to the Art field, but so late in his career.

Artist and writers, really can have a hard time perusing their loved passion, but needless to say, they eventually come back to it.

Will it make you any money?

Like the Shark Tank and Dragons Den would say," Its a passion, but where's the money?"

You have to love and commit yourself to your passion. Its a long road ahead for anyone pursuing  the Arts of any kind.  Hopefully for an upcoming artist, he or she will become viral with YouTube or at least, recognized by their local community.

In, short.  You have to be the very best of what you do in this field and most importantly, you must love what you do.

An artist will never stray too far from his or her passion of exploring world of art, because its something inside of them that keeps them coming back.

Overall, its important for the community and world to support an artist.


What an Artist Faces

An artist today you must be ready to indulge into other careers, because the reality of an art career is like winning a lottery.

You may be the best, but first you must be found and highly recognized by distinguished clients.

Have a look at Emil Carr's life as an artist; its depressing to say the least. Emil's art was exceptional and yet hard to be recognized until the very end of her career. She was one of the lucky ones.

Today is very much the same with the economy dictating a young artist outcome.

Kind of Artists

Art encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression, including music, literature, film, sculpture, and paintings.
Artists use their own instruments ranging from different categories of artistic disciplines:
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Literature Arts
  • Filming Arts and/or Movies

There are three distinguished properties of Art:
  • Realist, whereby aesthetic quality is an absolute value independent of any human view
  • Objectivity, whereby it is also an absolute value, but is dependent on general human experience
  • Relativist depends on the human experience of different humans
Art Technique

There are many techniques when applying your artistic creation. The best way to find all out about techniques :
1. Ask the Artist - some will help while others like to keep their secrets. But ask, all they can say is No. An artist that cares means an artist that will look after potential customers.
2. Search on Google for "artist techniques" or be more specific " Oil painting techniques"
3. Go to YouTube and check out the thousands of art techniques
Art is an individuals expression that can never be copied by anyone else;it is your very own signature. And most of all, never get discouraged. Never say never and keep away from negative thoughts.

Enjoy the creative process of Art and Design 


Bari applies his art in as much different mediums, from writing screenplays, publishing his book, taking on architectural photography, to Applied Abstract Art.  Please take the time to support the artist, Bari.

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