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Thursday, October 6, 2011

About Robotics on Mars - Introduction

About Robotics on Mars   by J. Robb Montana

The ISBN # 0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968

1. Science-Fiction Novel. I. Bari Demers . J. Robb Montana

Author: J. Robb Montana

National Library of Canada Cataloging in Publication

I am in preliminary process of writing this novel, so any comments would be appreciated, as long as they are constructive. Please expect mistakes with updates - this is the beginning of the creative flow.
More about J. Robb Montana...

Robotics on Mars is about a discovery an ancient robotics android discovered by archaeologist Dr. Laplace. He had theorized mankind was genetically altered over 30,000 years ago, but never with any concrete evidence, until now.  Android Casey is functional with valuable data of mankind's historical past.
Casey revels that over 30,000 years ago in the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation a species of ancient astronauts from the Sirus Cluster were forced to flee their planet from a Super Nova.  A small group of screened scientists question Casey for further information, but it's soon learned Casey has other motives. What exactly is Casey's motive?  Find out as we follow Casey in this science-fiction thriller : Robotics on Mars by J. Robb Montana

Chapter One   Chapter Two   Chapter Three  Chapter Four   Chapter Five  Chapter Six   Chapter Seven
J. Robb Montana is also working on a science-fiction screenplay/ script called, "Black Angels of Sirus 5" - in the beginning ancient astronauts came to earth genetically altering mankind to the way we are today. Check out more ...

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