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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Robotics on Mars - Chapter One - by Bari Demers

Manuscript draft by Bari Demers

7th Draft Manuscript in Process of Development - please expect regular updates - thank you.
Feb 1st 2018 Last Update

 Robotics on Mars -Chapter One by Bari Demers

[Transfer data : BASTET - Series 6000]

Chapter One: Mars – The Beginning of the End

It's all true. All of it. You know what I mean.

In the back of your mind you've always wondered if those conspiracy theories could possibly be true. You know the ones I'm talking about ?


The ones where conspirators rant about ALIENS living on Earth 🌏 or Mars. I'm sure you've heard about our Ancient Alien Ancestors visiting, way before mankind had a foothold. Or how about those crazies who unwillingly became abductees, complaining about being probed. Maybe you've seen UFO sightings yourself…

Which ever the case may be - Its all true.

Most importantly, government officials, including public organizations, such as NASA, SPACEX, and SETI have quietly kept a lid on it for years. Seriously…have you ever wonder how students in a high school science class can make a replica satellite for only $6000, while the real ones from NASA range from $10 - $40 million dollars each? Anyone with a brain can see the red flags for themselves. All they have to do is look past the smoke and mirrors.

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

However, government officials have always been good at making you believe it's truly NOT a duck you're seeing, rather (in this case)an actual UFO. To add confusion, NASA uses smoke screens to export astronauts to the dark side of business.

Take Commander Claire Montgomery for example. She's an astronaut 👩‍🚀but you can't find her on google, social media, or in any NASA resumes. To anyone's concern, Claire (not her real name) died thirty years ago in a tragic car accident while driving…rather flying a prototype Tesla Hoover craft. Tesla Hoover craft was indeed promising to be the first revolutionary step for an automatic flying car to and from work, across the globe. After a few mishaps, Tesla was in full production within five years. Claire Montgomery was quietly swiped under the red tape, as close friends and family members attended her funeral.

However, unknown to rest of the world, Claire was indeed, very much alive, joining an elite team of astronauts, who were also thought to have expired. Each team member were part of the illusive, darkish side of NASA, undisclosed to the public. Its top secret operations were named, ‘THE BLUE ZONE’, after the discovery of a crashed alien ship in Roswell. Since then technology advanced considerably in such a short period of time.

Isn't it obvious?

Of course, in the 1990’s, US military once again tried to cover up Roswell, disclosing a top secret nuclear test balloon revealed as Project Mogul. I'll give them A+ for effort, but we all know the truth.

In 2005, a Moon Base was finally established; facing the dark side…of course. It was the only logical thing to do, as the Moon’s gravity made it so much easier to build elite high tech spacecrafts at a fraction of the cost. All personal with BLUE ZONE started their career on the moon base first before expanding to other planets. Running such a base would require all the expertise, from engineers, astronauts, building trades, to even Chefs.

Moon Base was comically named,”THE DARKSIDE”.

Operations on the Moon and Mars went unnoticed for years, as privatization of Space Exploration mysteriously never took hold, abandoning their projects, one by one. The Moon conveniently became out-of-bounds for public exploration. As far as the public knew, NASA, SpaceX and Google Projects were abandoned, due to costs or ( my favourite one) politics. Each Presidential speech claimed they would indeed head for the Moon or Mars. Throughout the years, one-by-one, they all failed their victory dance, like JFK. At least President John F Kennedy placed the first man, American, Neil Armstrong on the moon, with Apollo 11, on July 16th 1969. Along for the ride was “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins.
All along, the Moon Base was in full operation under the alias, ‘The Darkside’.

Fifty years later…

A new generation of astronauts, including Commander Claire Montgomery, were now stationed on the largest moon orbiting Jupiter, Ganymede,(slightly smaller then Mars). Claire was just settling in, when an emergency beacon requested her to be reassigned to Mars, categorized mission, PROJECT RED STORM. 

There were disturbing reports of unusual activity deep within Mars lava tubes, rumoured to be burial grounds for the once ancient ancestors, the BLACK ANGELS crew. Mars classified base, MARS ARES (named after the God of War ) experienced unsettling seismographic readings of 8 on the Richter scale. Commander Montgomery’s mission was to find the source of the Marsquake and to report back to MARS ARES.

Claire’s futuristic spacecraft, the ZION X , seamlessly grabs Mars orbit.

ZION X : One of the fleets remarkable starships, equipped with an all new experimental computer, ATON – the ultra designed A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

ATON was said to be a marvel of engineering.

Of course, this particular series of A.I. didn’t exist. But, one day, out-of-the-blue, the highly advanced computer suddenly appeared to be the norm of technology. Even the ships engines were an incredible discovery. Somehow, SpaceX engineers had developed a spacecraft capable of traveling to Mars in under two weeks. Without a doubt, a remarkable accomplishment for any rocket scientist.

It was rumoured in 2017, Aerospace Engineers had perfected the Ion propelled engines by what was called the HALL-EFFECT THRUSTERS. As said by Futurism Blogger,

“Hall-effect thrusters have garnered favour with mission planners in recent years because of their extreme efficiency. They function by turning small amounts of propellant (usually inert gases like xenon) into charged plasma with electrical fields, which is then accelerated very quickly using a magnetic field. Compared to chemical rockets, they can achieve top speeds using a tiny fraction of their fuel.”

Once again, unknown to the rest of the world, SPACEX successfully developed an Ion engine back in 2020 by the help of an highly classified android named, BASTET.

Bastet ( representing the Sirius cat goddess) was said to be a 6000 series fashioned as female, in likeness of her master, CORPORAL KAREN JEFFERSON.

It was said, Archeologist Dr Markus Jennis discovered Bastet on November 5th 2017, underground of the historical Amarna, presumably built by Amenhotep IV of Egypt in the year 1346 BC. To Dr Jennis amazement, he and his team of archeologist students found this remarkable android in an undisclosed location underneath a passage of the Amarna.

 Black Angels on Mars

It goes without saying, there's more to our human civilization then previously thought. - [SEE TIMELINE DATA BREECH] 

Claire’s two week trip to Mars was uneventful. Slumped in the Captain’s chair, with one leg perched on the arm, she starred aimlessly, as if in some kind of trance. Suddenly a beacon interrupts her, screaming in her ear piece. Claire jumps up annoyed, stumbles …seating back down again. The only downside to hyper travel were the terrible headache afterwards. It would be best described a a hangover.

The audio transmission was loud and clear,” Commander Montgomery? Lieutenant Jason here! ”

Claire,” Yes Lieutenant ! I hear you. Could YOU please NOT yell so much!” She bends down, placing her head between her knees, letting her long hair drape around her, “In fact…would you mind just whispering.”

There's a long pause…then a group of whispers. It pauses again. Finally, the timid Lieutenant whispers,” Sorry Commander…if you don't mind…would you please give us a time for your arrival, so we may go over things ?”

Claire snickers sarcastically,” Yeah…sure. How about next year !”

Lieutenant Jason whispers back,” I beg your pardon Commander?”

“Oh for Christ sakes !” Claire laughs,” Don't you guys have any sense of humour down there?! “

Transmission is quiet.

“Never mind!” Claire said ,” I be there in 13:00 hrs.”

“Gottcha Commander!” Lieutenant Jason pipes back,” See you then…roger out!”

Claire's pretentious attitude would mimic her father’s trait. Before her planned death, Claire's life was surrounded by her fathers military life, as an American 5 Star General. Her mother died when Claire was only five. All she remembers, her mom didn't come back from a routine training mission with the Air Force. Brought up in full military setting certainly rubbed onto Claire’s snotty attitude.

Taking on the darkish side of NASA was her way of saying,”SCREW YOU WORLD ! TAKE THIS AND SHOVE IT!” She hardly saw her dad anyway, as busy as he was, being a General and all…

Getting up slowly with a long ridiculous stretch, Claire headed to the Aft of this impressive starship cruiser, thinking to herself,” Wish I had one of these in my garage” she smirked. Claire stopped short of the entrance way of the Bay Doors. She stroked the hull with of the ship with the palm of her hands, as if it were alive. Outloud she said,” I wonder where they're going to take you baby…”

Claire barked, “ Open Bay Doors ATON

ATON” Bay Doors are open. Please use extremely caution as the force-field membrane is fragile.”

Annoyed, Claire said,” I KNOW…I KNOW…geez !” Under her breathe she mumbles,” I don't need a babysitter aboard…”

ATON” Is that what you think of me Claire, a babysitter? I'll have you know I'm one mean machine with the capability of operating this spacecraft under extreme measures. I have the ability to solve any problem, including a degree in Psychiatric care, which I may add, you most probably need.”

Claire pipes back,” You're sooo funny ATON.”

ATON sarcastic tone,” I'm happy to be of service. Will there be anything else Claire?”

Claire,” Nope…I believe I can do the rest myself.”

ATON,” Fine Claire. Have a nice day. I'll let Ganymede Base know you've started your mission.”

“Yeah..yeah, whatever. You do what you have to do,” Claire jumps into the LANDER craft, straps on her helmet, commanding the vehicle in full operational mode,” I'm out of here !”

The streamline teardrop craft jets out into space. Claire looks at Mars and smiles. She was more then ready to start her new mission. This is what she was born to do!

by Bari Demers - screenwriter


 About Black Angels


On November 5 2017 archeologist Dr Markus Jennis discovered evidence of I.S.T. (Intelligent Space Travellers) when the Egyptians’ accidentally uncovered another secret passage; an inspiring Pyramid made from a carbon matrix (light base composite material) withstanding heat. Carbon matrix wasn’t even developed until the late 1960’s. Scientists corroborate together to prove the time frame recorded as early as 1300 BC.
The Pharaoh Akhenaten, (known as Amenophis IV) ruled during the Eighteenth dynasty. Pharaoh Akhenaten so happen to be King Tut’s father.
What amazed the archeologists, King Akhenaten moved to Thebes (known today as Luxor) to rebuild. It was his belief in the monotheistic (one god) worship of Aten, the one and only Sun God. It leads to a war against his priests, as they believe in many gods. Therefore, the archeologists knew that he lost the war and his Pyramid in Luxor had not finished.
The discovery of an underground Pyramid was only one of many discoveries, changing mankind forever !

Below is a systematic timeline from 2049 - 1947 historical events :
[Update Reminder]
2040 : New declaration of World Independence signed by President Chelsea Clinton.
In 2013 President Obama released all information, publicizing the data of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, now relocated to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The President referred to the cover-up as… the most Unconstitutional Act in United States history. All the data confirmed not one, but three UFO crashes in 1947. The military released Top Secret Data – Level 5 in the month of July __ 2016 to be processed and released in the year 2021:
Top Secret Intelligence United States Air Force – Level 5
This document was formatted from the period of 1947 – 1994 as per the instructions of President Obama in 2013 and released as of July____ 2040 by the newly elected President, Chelsea Clinton.
July 20 2021 – declaration of Intelligence cover up under the orders of President Harry Truman. This document states the facts. The organization of this document as a sign declaration by the instructions of President Shelly Clanton Jefferson as of the date declared on this day _____ of July in this year of Two Thousand Twenty One
• Grant a contract to AT&R to oversee and the management of our nuclear arsenal and the commercialization of derived product technologies from the nuclear bomb, from the bomb project: the physics, the electronics, the control systems, even the ballistics and our special military radar. -Affirmative
• the ICBM technology – Affirmative
• Two-year period contract -AT&R – super-secret military weapons-grade projects for the United States Government including control of ZZ-Division. -Affirmative
• July 2nd 1947 William W. “Mac” Brazel, a sheep rancher, confirmed to be the first person to find destroyed pieces of what we now know as a lightweight advanced composite structure called fiber forge. The destruction of this material extended 1.00 km x 0.6059 km wide. -Affirmative
• Fibregorger is now a company in United States that produces these composite structures for various companies including N.A.S.A. – Affirmative
• Sky Station – Affirmative
• Alien technologies transferred to AT&R – Affirmative
• Other material found on the crash site: 2.5c m squared Alloy Steel 4140, high strength steel with Chromium and Molybdenum. This material is light and commonly used on aircraft today. – Affirmative
• July 3rd 1947 confirms sightings of four alien species – Affirmative
• One Alien was kept alive for two years; using hyperbaric medical methods – Affirmative
• Hyperbaric methods are from alien technologies. – Affirmative
• The Aliens came from the constellation of Libra – Affirmative
• 20 light-years away in the constellation of Libra. – Affirmative
• Super-Earth planet. Gliese 581 d Is on the outer edge of its parent star’s – Affirmative
• Gliese 581 d is similar to Earth– Affirmative
• Distance - 20.3±0.3 ly(6.2±0.1 pc) Affirmative
• Mass – (m) >7.7[1] M⊕ – Affirmative Orion
• Right ascension - (α) 15h 19m 26s – Affirmative 05h 46m 34.9120s 05h 46m 34.9120s
• Declination - (δ) −07° 43′ 20″ – Affirmative +01° 10′ 05.496″
• Apparent magnitude (V) - +5.94 / +13.35 – Affirmative +5.94 / +13.35
• AT&R received alien technologies from the US Government in 1947 – Affirmative
• AT&R invents transistor, laser and the integrated circuits – first Processor was developed in 1960’s – Affirmative
• Declaration Signed by the President of the Empire of Americas, President Chelsea Clinton 2047

Chapter Two 
ISBN #0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968 – All rights reserved. No part of this manuscript may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical,photocopy, recording or otherwise without the written prior permission

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