Black Angels

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Robotics on Mars - Chapter Two

Judgement   ( Manuscript draft by Bari Demers)

7th Draft Manuscript in Process of Development - please expect regular updates - thank you.

Feb 1st 2018 Last Update

While this story is inspired by actual events, certain characters, characterizations, incidents, locations and dialogue wer fictionlized or invented for the purposes of dramatization. With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident is entirely for dramatic purposes and not intended to reflect on any actual character, history, product or entity.

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 Black Angels by Bari Demers

Chapter Two 

YEAR 2040 

The small courtroom during the 21st century was highly fashionable for its time. 

High tech glass security doors opened into what looked like a conference room overlooking a skyline view of New York's inland ocean where once laid the famous Botanical Gardens. 

During the Global Warming of 2018, the oceans carved its new territories throughout the world. 

The small conference room was crammed full of high command spectators.

The Bailiff, a large military brute enters, he calls to order," All rise!"

The spectators quickly rise in military fashion.

Judge Markus enters the room from what seems nothing but a wall. The high tech wall dissolved into a transparent liquid just as the judge entered. He sits at this lone table protected within a long slate of bullet proof glass.

The Bailiff declares," This court is now in session, the honorable Judge Markus Antony presiding. You may be seated."

The spectators take their sit in an orderly manner. The room is suddenly silent.

Judge Markus slides the data along the long black screen tabletop computer. He glares at the female android standing in the center of the room. The judge motions the Bailiff to continue.

The Bailiff announces," The plaintiff, Lord James McCartney, The Crown Council under The United Empire of America has claimed the defendant, Bastet responsible in the disruption of experimental A.I. onboard computer ATON, causing complete destruction of starship  

Judge Markus looks up at Lord James McCartney," Please state your claim Lord McCartney."

Lord McCartney rises from the far end of the long U-shaped table,"Yes your honor!"

He straightens out his black uniform marked with a silver V symbol just along his collar,"We, the Crown Council of The United Empire of America have made a claim under section 10, subsection A4 of the Military Code." 

The lawyer pours himself a glass of water, and continues,"It states that any android can not injure any human in anyway whatsoever under any circumstances whatsoever, no matter if it was related to a malfunction. It also states any android that commits any injury to any human must be terminated immediately."

Suddenly a man in a fine suit comes running into the courtroom, he yells out to the court," I'm sorry your honor, I was just in another court case. Please forgive my tardiness. I'm here to represent the android Bastet, sir."

The Judge waves in him, warning," This better not happen again. State your name for the records."

"Yes your honor. Attorney Christopher Jason for Baker McKenzie sir.",Chris straightens out his tie.

"Are you aware of the charges of you client?" the Judge states.

"Yes your honor, I'm aware,"Chris places his hand on Bastet metallic shoulders.

He smiles at Casey and whispers,"Don't worry Casey. I've been hired by James Wiseman of TEMPRO" 

Judge Markus looks over at Lord McCartney, motions his hand," Go ahead Lord McCartney." 

Lord McCartney bows his head," Yes your honor!" 

He points to activate the computer screen. The video on board the starship ZION X starts recording. 

You see a female android busy entering data within its main computer. 

You can hear a erratic female transmission," Bastet!"

A long pause, then again," Bastet? Bastet...answer!"

Once again a long pause,then static transmission wavers in and out,"Can you hear me? 

Another long pause and once again you hear Commander Claire Montgomery,
Bastet? God Bastet... I hope you can hear me. What's going on up there? Do you read.Over." 

Bastet looks as if she's ignoring the transmission.

Judge Markus quickly interrupts," OK Stop video!" 

He stares intently at Bastit, she is showing no emotion. 

Judge Markus speaks directly to Christopher Jason,"What does your client have to say? Please state your claim."

"Yes your honor. We have a statement here Judge. We claim the on board computer Aton has mislead us to a false video."

Lord McCartney interrupts,"Your honor. We would like to call Bastet to the stand."

Attorney Chris Jason motions to Bastet and whispers," Just state the facts, nothing more."

Bastet gives off a blank stare and nods. Her mechanical being moves gracefully up to the front, sitting in the little box.

The Judge looks at Bastet," Do you agree with this statement?"

The android motionless body suddenly whirls into action, Bastet's  bloodstone eyes become alive with fire," Yes your honor. That is my statement."

Judge Markus stares intently looking at the data on his computer. He sits back,"For the matter of the courts Bastet, can you state your origin?"

Bastet pauses,"Sir?"

Judge Markus," Your purpose Bastet, your primary function." 

The androids opaque eyes flicker from green to red for just a second. 

Judge Markus sits up alert, concerned, he says," Are you alright Bastet?"

Bastet looks confused,"All right Sir. What ever do you mean Sir?"

Judge Markus waves a couple of soldiers to closely guard Bastet.

Bastet looks at the guards with little concern," I'm good Judge Markus, everything is in operational standards Sir."

Bastet looks at the guards. 

Attorney Chris Jason protests,"I object your honor! Is this really necessary your honor?"

The Judge waves off the guards,"I better not have anything happen in my courtroom,"He turns his attention to Bastet," Do you understand Bastet?"

Bastet doesn't even flinch, staring ahead," Yes your honor, I understand."

Judge Markus nods, sits back in his large chair.

Bastet continues,"My function is simple your honor, my function is to protect Commander Claire Montgomery at all cost, that is my function, your honor."

Attorney Chris Jason gets up,intervenes,"Bastet. For the records, could you please state your name and function.

Bastet nods, "I'm Bastet, Series 6000 of the Empire Guards of Black Angels on Sirus 5. My function is operational control and protection."

"Thank you Bastet," Chris Jason looks over at the opposition," Now. Tell us exactly what happened."

Bastet nods in agreement," Yes. In order to completely understand we must bring up all the necessary data. We must go back to the very beginning, starting in the year 2001." 

Judge Markus gives a heavy sign," Is this really necessary Bastet?"

The data comes up on a transparent screen visible to everyone in the room, Attorney Chris Jason continues," With respect your honor, the historical data is very necessary to recall."

Judge Markus get more comfortable," OK then,but let me warn you. Don't waste the courts time. Go ahead!"

Bastet nods," Yes your honor. As you can see from the historical data,humanity had a few hiccups along the way. But it did shape the new structure of our government today. Some political scientists have called it  The Evolution of Politics..."

A large transparent screen materializes within the courtroom.

 Mars by Bari Demers

Historical Data

The Mars Reach for Humanity and Colonization (RHC) mission was part of The United Empire of America's Mars Scout Program that originated in 2025 by James Wiseman. 

RHC was initiated in 2022 after  satellite MAVEN ( Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) made a discovery in 2015. It's scientific public purpose was to explore the planets interaction with the sun and solar winds, but the undisclosed reason was of a totally different mission.

Under operation MESA-C ( Mars Entrance to Subterranean Alien Caves) its primary motive was to follow up on data received from a previous mission under the rover Curiosity. After it's successful landing on Mars August 2012, it had a close call of falling into the depths of an open cavern. With limited scientific data and a pressing schedule to find profitable mineral sources the scientists had to wait for the launch of MAVEN in 2015.

Bastet lawyer points out the significance of the historical events from 2001 to 2035," If it may please the court, I would now like to point out these important events from 2001 up to 2035."

Judge Markus," Agreed councilor, but let makes this quick. I understand they are having Sushi for lunch today."

The courtroom crowd laugh out loud to the judges statement.

Attorney Chris Jason is kind of shocked by the Judges remarks, but continues," Yes your honor."

Chris points to the screen," Ok. Computer? Please begin reading for the court."

The court systems computer goes on-line and begins to read," Affirmative. The data is as such: 

Historical Events 2001 - 2035  

[It's hard to believe that North America was now one country. United States join forces with Canada with its new formed government, The United Empire of America

If you had mention such a thought in 2008, everyone would have thought you were totally crazy. But it all happened after the fall of the twin towers in New York, Sept 11, 2001. It was the beginning to a brand new era with growing pains that fashioned a completely different view of political control.]

  • 2001: The Most Wanted List : In 2001, the United States placed up the most wanted list by the FBI. The alleged terrorists on this list have been indicted by sitting Federal Grand Juries in various jurisdictions in the United States for the war crimes reflected on their wanted posters. Evidence was gathered and presented to the Grand Juries, which led to the terrorist being formally charged. The indictments currently listed on the posters allow them to be arrested and brought to justice. Future indictments were handed down as various investigations proceed in connection to other terrorist incidents, including, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York City.
  • 2011 - After coordinating efforts the United States military Ops Team found the hide-out for Usama Bin Laden. It was dealt with along with eighteen of his accomplices.
  • 2012 - TEMPRO is recognized as a legal entity and corporation under the United States law and receives their Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies House in United Kingdom.
  • In 2013 - North Korea threatens United States. The United States sends up military strike satellites to protect their interests.
  •  2014 - Israel has leading interest in protecting their home. After reports of an Iran invasion, Israel had no choice but to invade Iran
  • May 2015 Archaeologist Dr. Michael Jennis begins Project  Golden Pharaoh  funded by James Wiseman of TEMPRO.
  • Dec 2015 - An underground complex was implemented by the Weyland Industries under TOP SECRET government protocols 
  • June 12 2019 - North Korea once again threatens United States 
  • Aug 10th 2025 - The United Treaty of the Working Class was established forcing the governments of the world to make changes to their economics structure. Gold hit an unbelievable height of $3500 per ounce.
  • Dec 19 2025 - James Wiseman acquires copyrights to technology developed by NASA's innovative but poorly funded Project Prometheus. With Weyland significantly augmented funding for the project, JIMO became a reality and proves the existence of simple life in Europa's ocean.
  • July 10, 2026 - Canada undergoes political reform. It teams up with United States of America in order to strengthen the overall economy.
  • June 1st 2027 - James Wiseman hears of remarkable discoveries about genetic recovery cells at the University of Alberta, Canada. It was said in the past that scientists had found a cure for cancer three times but were repeatedly hushed by the pharmaceutical giants at the time. After negotiation with the science teams,Weyland Industries identify the genetic chain of events for 98% of cancers. Using genetically-altered cells as well as elements found beyond Earth heavens, Weyland successfully deploys an effective cure for almost all cancers.
  • Oct 25 2028 -RUCHIN Enterprises was formed. Russia and China claim mineral rights on the Moon. After the economical struggle of the former United States, NASA was forced to dissolve the Shuttle Program in 2011. At the time the United States didn't realize the repercussions of their decision. Russia had capitalized on the Space Race with the help of China's cheap labor force. 
  • Feb 4 2029 - RUCHIN ENTERPRISES found themselves in trouble after it's second mission to the lunar surface, things went terribly wrong. It was said to be the largest explosion ever witness on the moon from earth. It wasn't long after these events RUCHIN ENTERPRISES folded.
  • Jan 7th 2025 - James Wiseman announces the first advanced android prototype model of its kind. He is affectionately named her JENNI, a name Mr. Wiseman had initially reserved for his own human daughter, who died of .
  • Aug 10 2031 - Under the TEMPRO, terraforming begins on the Luna surface with plans for multiple settlements.
  • June 25 2035 - A top secret mission, Project RED STORM is underway to MARS with a new devised design of starship ZION X. 

Judge Markus comments,"Computer stop!" He looks over at Casey's councilor. Must I remind you they are having Sushi for lunch."

Chris Jason nods," Yes your honor. Would you like to take break for recess?"

Judge Markus," Yes. Let's do that. Court is recessed until 02:30 hrs. Courts adjourned!"

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