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Monday, November 7, 2011

Robotics of Mars - Chapter Five by Bari Demers

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While this story is inspired by actual events, certain characters, characterizations, incidents, locations and dialogue were fictionalized or invented for the purposes of dramatization. With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident is entirely for dramatic purposes and not intended to reflect on any actual character, history, product or entity.

(Please Note: Constantly doing revisions - come back often. Rough draft)

As Neil Blair once said," The Best Treasures are hidden from site..." JK Rowling agent

Chapter Five - Interrogation 

Entering the darkness of the theme room, BLUE EARTH  featuring acrylic walls, recessed soft lights and mirror images of planet earth, one would quickly feel as if they were orbiting our planet.

 It certainly didn't look like your typical interrogation room.

After decades of savage procedures using techniques like water boarding or electric shock, specialists in human behavior realized that subjects let their guard down more often than not, when interrogated in an inviting surroundings. It was common to have food and drink with soft background music and military staff out of uniform.

Interrogations room were commonly named Conference Theater Rooms because they resembled your typical home theater. A long room with a fully stocked  bar serviced by a female or male attendant.  It had eight large comfortable theater chairs with a set of four (each set on a 45 degree angle) along each wall.
Just ahead of the bar was an elaborate lone theater chair at the center of attention, nicknamed, "Sweet Sara".
Appointed officers were already seated, waiting patiently for the session to begin. If you didn't already know they were officers, you probably wouldn't known their rank, simply because they were casually dressed  in T-shirts and jeans.

Dr. Micheal Jennis entered the room with five of his fellow robotics engineers, who file up along the bar. Dr. Jennis stands just behind Sweet Sara. He places some materials and a ultra-thin computer tablet on the bar.

An older man in his late 60's gets up to meet Dr. Jennis. This person in charge was only visible by his short military fashion hair cut.

Dr. Jennis extends out his hand, "Good Morning General!"

General Carson shakes his hand, smiling," Good Morning Doctor, I've heard so much about you. It's a pleasure to meet you in person."

In the shadows of  the back room a younger gentleman smartly dressed in an expensive suit walks up to the General. The General quickly introduces him to Dr. Jennis, " Doctor! I would like to introduce Peter Weyland of the Weyland Corporation."

Dr. Jennis is very pleased to finally meet the man responsible for funding his archaeological projects. He quickly shakes Peter's hand," It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Our team is very grateful for all the funding you have provide us with."

Peter smiles," The pleasure is all mine Doctor!"

Dr. Jennis excitedly interrupts Peter Weyland,"  I'll never forget the day you discovered a synthetic trachea constructed entirely of synthetically- engineered stems cells. You were only 14 yrs old. Amazing!"

"Yes. Thank you Doctor," Peter shrugs it off as just another day," Yes. It was my 12 registered patent to date."
Peter Weyland isn't the sort of man for small chitchat," My history is all very interesting, but I'm more interested in your new discovery. Shall we get on with it."

General Carson smiles. Dr. Jennis quickly realizes Peter is all about business," Oh. Yes. Of course Mr. Weyland, but first let me give you some background on our project."

"Certainly Doctor, but make it quick," Peter Weyland says without any emotion.

Dr. Jennis is a little ticked off at Peter's response, but carries on," Of course! If you wouldn't mind having a seat, I'll get started."

Peter walks back to the shadows of the room along with General Carson.

Dr. Jennis nods, begins to speak  loud and clear," On Nov 5th 2015 our archaeological team discovered a secret entrance under a historical site of the eighteenth dynasty of the great Pharaoh Akhenaten referred to as Thebes, now known today as Luxor."

The female server behind the bar sets down a drink close to Dr. Jennis.
Dr Jennis smiles and nods at the server. He takes a sip and continues on," Previous archaeologist's have excavated this same area, but not once did they find what we found four weeks ago."

All eyes were glued on Dr. Jennis, eagerly waiting, for him to continue. He picks up his wafer-thin computer tablet laying on the bar and begins talking to the group," All this information is Top Secret. Dr. Jennis slides his fingers on the tablet, up pops a large transparent screen. It's easy for the audience to see the information on both sides of the screen facing them.
Dr. Jennis continues," The Project we're working on is called Golden Pharaoh. Please observe the screen." He reads the outlined format on the screen.

Golden Pharaoh 
  • Operation Golden Pharaoh is the discover of an Alien source android.
  • The android has a name. It calls itself Casey - Robotics 6000 series
  • It's known to originate from a planet known as Sirus 5, deep within the Sirius Cluster.
  • It's date of origin is unknown.
  • Android Casey was created as a female robot for unknown reasons. 
  • This particular model 6000 series is very intelligent and has the ability to speak as we do. It also has reasoning power and its own character.

Dr. Jennis stops. Looks up at his audience, he smiles," When I mean Casey has character, I mean she has quite a character. She can become very sarcastic."
Everyone in the room chuckles.

Dr. Jennis continues," Under closer evaluation  it's my belief Casey thinks of us an inferior species."

He stops waiting for any comments, he gets zombie stares, Dr. Jennis frowns in disbelief, he thinks to himself," Well that was fast. They lost interest already? What a bunch of meat heads!"

He continues,"This is all we have for now. Are there any questions before I bring in our subject?"

The room is filled with an astounding silence. You swear you were talking to a bunch of zombies. "Maybe it just how the military process information. ummmm." thought Dr. Jennis.

From the shadows of the room, Peter Weyland quickly interrupts the silence, Thank you Dr. Jennis, are you ready to bring in the subject?"

Dr. Jennis wipes his hands in eagerness,"Well. Without further a due, let me bring in the Prize Specimen."

Dr. Jennis quickly walks out the room into the well lit hallway of the military complex. He heads over to a side door, opening it slowly, not to cause alarm.
Inside is your typical brightly lite medical room, with the android laying out on the raised medical bed. Electronic equipment, circuits and robot parts are laying around the room. There's a over-head laser projector just above the medical table.

Suddenly the android seats up and speaks," Good Morning doctor. It's nice to see you again."

Dr. Jennis is overjoyed," Good Morning Casey! Would you like to see some of my new friends?"

Casey's eyes twinkle,"Most certainly doctor. Are they?"

"Are they?" Dr. Jennis is confused, " Are they what Casey?"

" Are they really friendly. As you state they are doctor," Casey says with a friendly robotics smile, she quickly changes the subject," I'm quite amazed how well your team put me back together doctor. Could you help me off this table. Could you assist me doctor?"

Dr. Jennis rushes to Casey's aid, but really Casey is just pretending. She's just making sure Dr. Jennis is close to her side. Earlier she disconnected the cameras just by thinking of it and had tried out her walking pattern with her new set of legs.

 Dr. Jennis assists Casey off the table. Casey begins to shuffle along, like a bird with a wounded wing. Dr. Jennis notices,"Is everything running alright Casey?"

Casey's looks worried, but inside she's thinking how dumb are these people anyway" I guess I'm still a little rusty Doctor."

Dr. Jennis nods, taken note. They head down the hallway, entering into the Theater Room. The room was filled with whispers. As soon as Casey entered the room, it became dead silent.

"You can sit here," Dr. Jennis motions Casey to sit at the lone centered theater chair. Casey sits down, thinking to herself, " Ah. I see. It's some sort of interrogation room. But it has a feel of home. It kind of makes me homesick. Sure miss Space Exploration."

Casey looks about, her eyes quickly scan the two men in the back of the room. Casey speaks, " Oh nice. Thank you doctor. Who are these people?"

Dr. Jennis reaches over the chair and whispers to Casey,"It's ok Casey.  If you feel uncomfortable at any time, just let me know!"

Casey nods and smiles without even looking at Dr. Jennis. Casey is well aware of the surroundings. Her tactile scanner had already searched the room the second they entered,"Yes doctor," I understand. Please proceed."
Dr. Jennis nods, whispers back,"Thank you Casey!" He then faces his crowd, looking with keen interest now.
"Well. That's better," thought Dr. Jennis.

He continues," Let me introduce you to the best scientific discovery ever made!" He waves his hand," CASEY 6000 SERIES!"

Everyone claps. Casey's head moves around, scanning each individual in the room. Taking heart rate, temperature, infra red readings and emotional status. She quickly picks up the one gentleman in the back. Her data feeds immediately hacks into the Weyland Corporation Industries main computer. She quickly fills her data banks with all the necessary information. A quick download of Peter Weyland.

Casey is intrigue by  this young mans accomplishments. Even though she already knows about Peter Weyland,she speaks," Who's the gentleman in the back of the room?"

Peter Weyland quickly responds," Very good Casey! That didn't take you very long."

Casey is even more intrigued," What do you mean Sir?"

Peter comes out of the shadows and smiles," Well. It's obvious you know who I am, already. Due to the fact that you pin point me out in seconds. Not to mention you most probably know of each gentleman in this room."

Everyone is shocked, with some looking embarrassed. But not Peter Weyland, he's far to intelligent to get had by a walking computer. Peter Weyland places in hands in his pockets," And I can bet you, you have already tapped into my companies main computers. Haven't you Casey?"

Casey is even more intrigued,"Mr. Weyland. Sir. I can assure you I have no idea what you are talking about. But to make you happy, I do know you are an important figure of some kind. Would you happen to be the leader of this planet?"
The room fills with hushed laughter. Peter Weyland clears his throat and the room is suddenly dead silent. He wasn't buying any of this," Ok, Casey. It's ok. Tell me more about you. Tell me something I need to know."

Casey gives a monotone smile with a tickle in her eyes," Good. I like that. A man of business. Right to the point. It's very simply really. I'm from the region of the Sirius Cluster. Most probably known to you as the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation."

Peter Weyland interrupts," And who exactly made you Casey?"

Casey continues as if she didn't hear him," I've come far far away, from a small planet we called Sirus 5.  My people are SIRIANS."

Peter Weyland interrupts," What was your purpose on earth? What made you to come here?"

Casey thought to herself," These human beings sure are boring me to death."

In amusement by Peter Weyland's questioning, she continues,"It looks like my neurons are going to get a work-out. Our people had no choice but to find a suitable planet capable of life. Sirius C, our sun was slowly turning into a what you call a Red Giant."

Peter Weyland is taking a mental note," I see."

"No. I don't think you do see Mr. Weyland Sir, interrupts Casey," Please let me continue. Our planet was ruled by a King. King Osiris."

Peter Weyland interrupts again," You said was. Does this mean your people no longer exist?"

Casey smiles, ignores Peter and continues," As I was saying. King Osiris commissioned to find a suitable planet for his people before Sirus 5 became inhabitable. After a series of satellites, they finally found this planet in the milky way system as the most suitable candidate."

Peter Weyland speaks up again," Interesting."

Casey continues," Yes. Very. After analyzing this planet, King Osiris was confidant enough to send his best team for the mission. An elite team known as BLACK ANGELS."

Dr. Jennis excited, steps-in interrupting Casey," Oh exciting Casey!  Please excuse me Casey, but would you say they were some kind of military team?"

Casey turns her head slowly at Dr. Jennis, becoming a little annoyed with all the boring questions, she speaks again," Yes. Very. Dr. Jennis. If you wouldn't mind, we can get this over a lot faster if I wasn't interrupted all the time."

Dr. Jennis nods in agreement," Oh. Yes. Of course Casey. Sorry. Carry on."

Casey nods," Thank you doctor. As I was saying. Yes doctor. You are right. They were a very educated well machined, excuse the pun. I'm thinking very much like your Military Ops Team, but more... How would you say this nicely."

Peter Weyland speaks out," Advanced."

Casey nods in agreement," Yes. Exactly Mr. Weyland sir.

Peter Weyland says with a grim face," What was their mission?"

Casey looks blankly at Peter Weyland, starting to become very annoyed with his questioning. She knew if this species knows more of where they came from, it just might be detrimental to her overall mission. If they even had a whisper of a thought to understand where their ancestors came from. The fact that it was all a series of experiments, leading to the cross genetics of a more undeveloped species. It would sure be the end of Casey. It was time to put a end to this questioning.

"Dr. Jennis. I'm not feeling that well. May we continue this questioning another time?" Casey turns to Dr. Jennis with a lost puppy expression.

Dr. Jennis jumps, " Yes. Of course Casey. Of course." He looks at the congregation," We can continue at another time. Would you agree Mr. Weyland?"

Peter Weyland nods," Yes doctor."

Dr. Jennis helps Casey out the chair, when Peter Weyland just so happens to speak out again," Just one last question Casey, if you wouldn't mind."

Casey stands up tall, as if she was about to put her hands on her waist in disagreement. Casey nods," Yes. Mr Weyland Sir. Go ahead."

Peter Weyland," How long ago did you say you came here?"

Casey frowns," I didn't say sir. I'm not really sure, Mr Weyland. I can't really say. But one thing I'm sure about. My people were ambushed. And all I know is, I was dismantled and probably left for dead. Well. Off-line. Uncommission."

Peter Weyland," I see. Well. Thank you Casey. It's my hope we learn more about you and possibly some more truth. Thank you."

Everyone gets up clapping.  Dr. Jennis helps Casey out the room. Everyone begins to talking in smaller groups, exchanging their thoughts.

General Carson speaks softly," Well Mr. Weyland. What do you think?

Peter Weyland isn't the sort of man to be duke so easily," I don't think General. I know. There's something more to this story."

General Carson nods in agreement.


James Montana Scripts.  Written by Bari Demers.

 Check out more  "Black Angels of Sirus 5" - in the beginning ancient astronauts came to earth genetically altering mankind to the way we are today.
[ ISBN #0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968 – All rights reserved. ] 

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