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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Robotics of Mars - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

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 Excavation of Amarna 

 Black Angels by Bari Demers

"It was exactly Nov 5th 2017 , 14: 40: 03  hours, when Dr. Jennis turned on my circuits. It was the beginning of a new mission." 

Dr. Mark Jennis is in his mid 50's, a rounded cheerful man who's meticulous about his work. His archaeological excavation has been tedious, but worth every minute.

Never in a million years did he ever expect to find evidence about the lost civilization, only known as the SIRIANS.  During his studies at the University of Oxford, each student was required to write a 15,000 word thesis. His colleague, Chris Thompson was working on "Killing Cousins", a thesis about the transformation of apes in Equatorial Africa. Her work intrigued Mark, to the point they would talk for hours over the transformation of Apes to Ape-man. 

Chris was not only the top student in her field, but she had this charisma that would charm anyone. The typical stunning blonde easily captivated Dr. Jennis, but it was her intelligence that made them a perfect pair.  She would playfully state, evolution must of taken millions of years before any transformation ever occurred.  But Mark would argue,"What if Ape-man had a jump-start by an unknown intelligent species, way before mankind ever had a foothold on earth?" 

He eventually wrote his thesis called,"The Lost Civilization" trying to convince his peers. The Theory was so outlandish, his professor at the time, cautioned him, such a ridiculous paper would surely cost him his grade. If it wasn't for his girlfriends support, he might have been kicked out. Once again, Chris charmed everyone to believe, maybe, just maybe, the theory wasn't that crazy after all. 

But, just before graduation, Chris was involved in a traffic accident, crushing  Dr. Jennis world. Unfortunately, Chris had died. He vowed he would keep their project alive, no matter what.  Mark became recluse concentrating on his work.  Without backup from Chris, his peers would ridicule his thesis. 

Dr. Jennis would spend over a decade trying to raise funds for his project without any successful, until one fateful day.  He was just about to give up, when an well known investor became very interested after reading his thesis, "The Lost Civilization". The investor's name was James Wiseman of the TEMPRO (Terraforming Engineering and Mining Production Resources Operations).  

It was the year 2017, just months before Mr. James Wiseman was about to receive the Noble Prize for Terraforming Operations on the Titan.  Dr. Jennis came across the most incredible archaeological artifact ever to be discovered.  He was about to prove everyone wrong, but this time, it was Peter Weyland who decided it was in their best interest to keep this a secret company matter.  

 Black Angels by Bari Demers

Nov 5th 2017 , 14: 40: 03  hours

The robotics machine lights up in a series of flickers 

Dr. Jennis carefully whips the ages of dust off the artifact.  He whispers,"Can you hear me?"

"Can I talk," I thought,"What does he mean?"  

It was then I realized my circuits must be a little rusty.  My robotics frame whirled up way to slowly," What's wrong with my circuits? This isn't right?" 

My whole system was taking forever to start-up. This isn't at all like me, I tried my best to speak but couldn't. 

"What's going on?"I thought,"Oh... there we go, circulatory systems are functioning, but what's wrong with my arm,? It isn't working at all. And why can't I see?" 

"On wait, eyes are focusing. Good!"

The android looked so human, like one of those new electronic manikans at Macy's.

Dr. Jennis is excited. This ancient android is functioning," Can you talk?"

"Who is this man? I thought," What a funny looking creature. My god, does he have to stand so close to me. OK. I CAN SEE YOU! As a matter of fact I can see into those blue eyes of yours. Why can't I talk? This man is getting annoying!"

Dr. Jennis removes a strand of cobwebs from this intriguing humanoid machine," Can you hear me?"

The android began to move.

Dr. Jennis and his team of students stumble back, frightened, but amazed.

Nervous, the doctor gets enough courage to kneel again.

"Will you stop that!" I said.

The doctor scrambles up," Holy Christ!" He spins around uncertain what to do next. 

"Are you feeling ok? Do you need medical attention?" I said sarcastically.

"," Dr. Jennis is flabbergasted. 

" Of course I can talk,I said," Why do you think I can't talk?"

"Ah...good question... I guess may because you're an machine,"Jennis says.

"What?  How dare you call me a machine.  Listen buddy!  My name is Bastet.
  I'm a first class model.  I'm the best of the best, you see!  Class 10-6000 series of the Robotics Empire Guards under our Lord King Osiris, I spouted out, " And who exactly ARE YOU!".

Dr. Jennis takes out a handkerchief, patting his head," My name is Dr. Mark Jennis. Do you know where you are?"

I snapped," Of course I know where I am. We are within the finest structure every built by Queen Siri. It's called the Amarna".

"You must be mistaken...Bastet is it? ,"corrects Dr. Jennis," Is it ok I call you Bastet?"

 "Oh dear Lord our Gods of  Heavens, what is it that this man doesn't understand?" I thought,"What does he think I am?  

"Listen. You do speak my language, so what is it you don't understand, I snapped," My name is Bastet. I'm a first class android - Series 6000, Class 10. Do you know what that means?"

The students are stunned while Dr. Jennis just smiles," How delightful...ah no Bastet, I don't believe I do know."

"Am I here to amuse you?" I cautioned," Do I look like I was made to amuse you?"

Dr. Jennis doesn't know what to say to all of this. He and his students just stare.

"Can you talk?" I said sarcastically," Did someone bite your tongue?"

Dr. Jennis snaps out of it," course not Bastet. Please forgive me. It's not every day we have the privilege to meet a android like yourself".

"Yes. That's correct, I claimed," Not only that, I'm the highest AIA intelligence of my kind. You can't find anyone better than me."

Dr. Jennis nods," Well Bastet, then you will be able to understand what I'm going to tell you. First of all, I like to point out, that it appears you have had some circuitry damage. According to historical accounts, Amarna was built by Amenhotep IV of Egypt or otherwise known as Pharaoh Akhenaten in the year 1346 BC."

That is rubbish! " I yelled," You must be mistaken. Amarna is a military underground complex built by our finest architects in year of our Lord King Osiris." 

The students were beginning to crowd over this curious android by its strange name of Bastet.

"Can you ask everyone to stand back doctor." I said annoyed," Give me some room to think, will you?"

"Yes, of course Bastet,"Dr. Jennis waves everyone back," Let give this little guy some room please."

Bastet eyes whirl blood red. 

"Little guy?" I thought to myself," I mean really, look who's tiny here. Big Guy."

Dr. Jennis places a flashlight into my eyes," Is everything ok Bastet?"

"Everything is fine doctor, I said in angry," Do you mind? Stop starring into my eyes! Are you on some kind of medication? 

"Oh. Yes. Of course Bastet,"Dr. Jennis says,"We just noticed your eyes turning red. Does that mean anything?"

"It means I'm annoyed! Dr. Jennis is it ?," I said

Everyone begins to sneaker except Dr. Jennis. He's amazed by the sarcastic android. 

Dr. Jennis clears his throat,"You won't hurt us...will you Bastet?"

"Of course not?" I said whirling my head,"May I continue?"

"Of course, Dr. Jennis grins,"Please. Go ahead Bastet !"

"Oh good,"I decided to smile," As I was saying...under Lord King Osiris this complex was built for the purpose to withstand the constant attacks by our rivals,The Jotunn.  It was logical to build this fortress. Not to mention those annoying BLACK ANGELS."

"Black Angels? Interesting," Dr. Jennis looks over his shoulder, facing one of students," Are you recording this Tyler! This is amazing!"

Student Tyler is in his early twenties, long blond hair always tied in a ponytail, tall and wired like his Swedish ancestors. He had a strong accent,smiles with excitement," Yes Doctor! This is totally awesome!"

"Will you stop interrupting me!," I demanded," Who is your Commander. Maybe I should be speaking to him instead."

Dr. Jennis tries to console Bastet,"Well. My boss is James Wiseman. And, unfortunately, he's not here right now. But, be assured, he's very interested in meeting you. And..."

"And what?" I said impatiently.

Dr. Jennis feels uncomfortable," Now... I want you to understand something here. OK? Don't get mad..OK?"

"What is it?," I was starting to get mad.

Dr. Jennis gives that hopeful stare.

"OK. Fine!," I said," What do you want me to understand?"  

" OK...well...," Dr. Jennis says, "Bastet. This is going to be a shock for you, but it appears you have been out of commission for a long...long time."

"What ever do you mean!," I snapped," How long has it been...exactly?"

Dr. Jennis scratches his nose, the dust was getting to him. He sneezes whipping his nose with his handkerchief," Well...let just say it's been awhile.

Dr. Jennis pauses.

"Well?" I said.

Dr. Jennis shakes his head," Now... don't get's the year... 2017." 

I was in shock. How could this possibly be?

"You have been out of commission for some time." Dr. Jennis continues.

I snarled," That's impossible. That would mean I've been sitting here for over..."

"Yes Bastet. You were about to say?" Dr. Jennis can barely hold back his eagerness," Go ahead. Please tell us how long you figure its been?"

"You know. I must be mistaken, I said cautiously, " I can't seem to remember. Isn't that strange."

Dr. Jennis folds his arms, not believing it at all.

"No...seriously, my circuits must be a little rusty," I lied. Who would ever think an android was lying anyway. I must be careful. Can't be sure if they are friendly or working for the Jotunn's. I must bite my tongue.

Dr. Jennis just stares.

"So?," I questioned.

"So...,"Dr. Jenni grins," Let's get you back to brand new. I know of a fine crew who love to take care of you. They are the best android specialist of our time."

"OK doctor,"I said with caution," But, lets get one thing straight. I am a very special 6000 let's keep that in careful!"

"Of course Bastet," Dr. Jennis smiles," of course. We will take the best care of you. And, please, don't hesitate in letting our team know if you need anything. Anything at all. Ok?"

"OK Doctor,I said, " Just remember who you are dealing with."

Dr. Jennis nods in agreement.

The students carefully place Bastet on a stretcher, out through the ancient cavern.

Dr. Jennis leans against one of the massive marble walls, "Mr Wiseman is going to be so impressed.  TEMPRO INDUSTRIES are sure to profit from my discovery. This android will be put to good use."

By Bari Demers

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While this story is inspired by actual events, certain characters, characterizations, incidents, locations and dialogue were fictionalized or invented for the purposes of dramatization. With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident is entirely for dramatic purposes and not intended to reflect on any actual character, history, product or entity.
[  ISBN #0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968 – All rights reserved.]

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