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Monday, November 14, 2011

Robotics on Mars - Chapter Seven by Bari Demers

ISBN #0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968 – All rights reserved.

(Robotics on Mars is a live writing process  with daily or weekly revisions. Come by often for updates.)
While this story is inspired by actual events, certain characters, characterizations, incidents, locations and dialogue were fictionalized or invented for the purposes of dramatization. With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident is entirely for dramatic purposes and not intended to reflect on any actual character, history, product or entity.

[Note: Updates often - come back often - in creative process] 

The Awakening 

James Montana

As Neil Blair once said," The Best Treasures are hidden from site..." JK Rowling agent


The darkness of Mars was ever so present with winter heading its way, temperatures plummeting to minus 100 degrees Celsius, make this reddish planet seemingly unoccupied. 

The only presence on its surface are the tracks of a small NASA Rover named Curiosity. Even it was having difficult with Mars extreme temperatures.

Appearances are deceiving, as one descends deep within the undetected caverns of ancient volcanic tunnels. Something was stirring. Something evil, monstrous was beginning to move. Android Casey - 6000 Series called them Dragons. A creation by the Black Angels rivals, known as the Engineers were said to be responsible for such a "killer" species.

A surge of electricity sparked the old cave lightening its wall with a bluish ecstatic wave of current. An object emerged from its resting place, a mechanical android. 

The Robotics of this creature was different then any other android, more powerful. Its demeanor was cold and calculated. Androids of this age were usually fashioned with a soft exterior latex rubber alloyed resembling artificial skin, but this android showed off its skeleton features of hard icy metal alloyed.

 It's skull didn't resemble a human skull with features closer to its creators, reptilians nicknamed Green Skins. 

This mechanical creatures eyes were made out of macro-crystalline blue quartz, its monstrous stares would send chills down your spine.

The loathsome creation removed itself from the chamber. Attached tubes pop-out simultaneously oozing out a bloodish blue liquid dripping along the caves smooth floor. It went over to a wall and opened  a side panel revealing a flat computer screen. 

The creature scrapped its surface of ice crystals and began punching in a series of codes. The whole cavern shook violently as a cave door screeched open. The door jammed  half way, leaving just enough room for this robotics creature to makes it way into a sterile laboratory, looking brand new the day it was made. The lights automatically flickered on and off within this icy chamber.

Inside the lab laid four Plexiglas tubes, each holding a cryogenically frozen lizaroid specimen within bluish liquid. Beside them are another type of specimen altogether different known as an Trilobite fetus, also encased in a frozen state. 

It has been speculated in the past the Engineers, also known as the Mala'kak are responsible for the development of an artificial Xenomorph species called the Deacon. But these are classified and unconfirmed reports according to the Sirians of Sirus 5. 

What the Sirians did know, the original Xenomorph extraterrestrials considered to be an endoparasitoid species. Rumors have it their Homeworld is planet Proteus, otherwise referred to as Xenomorph Prime. The Xenomorphian species are considered a deadly carnivorous species where the young will enter its host to feed and grow into an next life cycle.

It appears the Engineers were trying to process a subspecies of the original Xenomorph, using the Jotunn's(Green Skins)genetic make-up as a new host to its original Xenomorph on Mars.  

The Green Skins were known to occupy Mars as their military base 100,000 years ago.  

(Robotics on Mars is a live writing process  with weekly revisions. Come by often for updates.)

 ISBN #0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968 – All rights reserved. ]

  Logline: Robotics of Mars starts with the startling archaeological findings of an ancient structure in Luxor Egypt that dates back over 100,000 years. Discoveries of caves on Mars actually do exist, but under further investigation, it appears they open up something deadly thought to be exterminated by the Black Angels from Sirus 5, 100,000 years before.  Follow this fast-paced adventure with suspense and the hint of humor.

James Montana

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