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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Robotics on Mars - Chapter Six

Chapter Six

As Neil Blair once said," The Best Treasures are hidden from site..." JK Rowling agent

Mission: Prodigy  
 ISBN #0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968 – All rights reserved. James Montana

(Robotics on Mars is a live writing process  with daily or weekly revisions. Come by often for updates.)
While this story is inspired by actual events, certain characters, characterizations, incidents, locations and dialogue were fictionalized or invented for the purposes of dramatization. With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident is entirely for dramatic purposes and not intended to reflect on any actual character, history, product or entity.


The interior of our underground complex was said to be somewhere in the region of Luxor, Egypt. At least that's what I was told. My GPS wasn't working so well in this secure military base.
Already six months flew by, but I think I've finally
convinced my new friends that I present no threat. Well, that was the plan anyway.
Actually the Mission was going as planned, if these humans ever knew the real truth, I'm sure to be dismantled immediately.

I avoided to mention my real mission. Genealogy was so complex anything at all could go wrong. Commander Cardin had deep concerns with the overall development of mankind.  His main concern was if the human species would last, or would they end up destroying themselves along with the planet.

It was my duty to verify the outcome of mankind. If  dangerous or highly unpredictable, then I was order to eliminate the threat, most probably a virus that would make the black plague look like a picnic. A sort of rebooting system for the human species.

My Mission was two-fold...

First I must document the history of mankind, its warfare and its mental stability. Secondly, find the few super humans  strategically placed throughout history who help mankind's technology grow. You know, the ones that were ahead of their time, some know them as  Prodigies.

Dr. Jennis showed me this wandering communications device called the Internet. What an interesting concept not to mention the social impact across the world. He also pointed out a search engine called Google...oh now this was just too easy for me.
It didn't take me long to find two prodigies...ah it of the prodigies is a science fiction writer from 2011...his name is James Montana...Oh...but he's deceased now. Oh wow...look at his historical data from 2001 - looks like he gave accounts of what would happen in the future. If only his readers knew how close to the truth he actually was...interesting.
Here's one of his books... Black Angels of Sirus 5..'s a recent living prodigy...
Dex Riley - Age 26
Works for Virgin Galactic, a private Aerospace and Defense Company
Pilot/Fleet Officer
Presently living in New Mexico
Born in Calgary,Alberta
Next Mission Flight : Mars

I knew of  Dr. Jennis presence long before he decided to walk down the long hallway towards the conference room. I let him think he came in unexpected, looking over my shoulder.

"Good Morning Doctor," I turned around with a big smile," Did you have a good sleep?"

"Oh...Good Morning Casey," Dr. Jennis smiles," Are you brushing up on our history?"

"Yes! And what a history you humans have," I said," A lot of bloodshed and centuries of wars...
I paused waiting for the old man to interact. He didn't say anything else, so I continued," It's a wonder your species survived!"

Dr. Jennis answers sheepishly," Ah Yeah...most unfortunate history, but I think we learned a lot due to our mistakes." He sits beside me," do you like our media room?"

"It's quite impressive," I said," for humans..."

Dr. Jennis grins," It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it."

I quickly noticed something was agitating the doctor,"What's on your mind doctor?"

"Do you ever wonder what happen to your people?" Dr. Jennis says nervously.

"Why are you so nervous doctor?" I sat motionless.

Dr. Jennis moves closer, whispers," You do realize your being monitored...don't you?"

"Of course I do doctor," I whispered back. Boy these humans really don't know who their dealing with. The first week here I already sync computers and uploaded all their data. Hacking computers was old school to me. But to think they could out smart me...I mean really!

Dr. Jennis nods

I continued," answer your question, my creators are fine, I trust they fulfilled their lives, moving on to other adventures. If fact, I wouldn't be too surprise to find evidence of their existence on other planets."

Dr. Jennis was a quiet soft spoken man but intelligent, you could see his little brain cells working overtime," Like you this solar system?"

"Precisely doctor!" I said sharply, knowing all to well someone was listening in. I thought it best to give them more valuable data to keep them off my trail. I think it time I tell them a little about time travel, that would sure get them off my back...for a well anyway," Doctor? Have you humans ever calculated time travel?"

The doctor's eyes sparked with immediate interest,"NO! I'm mean YES...well sort of..."

This little man amused me, it was hard to keep focus," Which is it doctor? Either you have or you haven't"

"Our scientist's have theories, but no really hard evidence. As a matter of fact, a scientist named Einstein in 1905 developed two theories. Special Relativity and General Relativity. His paper stated:
*1. The law of physic are the same for all observers in uniform motion
2. Speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of their motion
In General Relativity, it states:
1. Clocks run more slowly in deeper gravitational wells
2. Orbits precess in a way unexpected in Newton's theory of gravity, which has already been observed in the orbit of Mercury and in binary pulsars.
3. Rays of light bend in the presence of a gravitational field, which has been observed by the presence of a black hole.
4. The Universe is expanding at a faster rate then expected...faster than the speed of light.

Einstein sounds to me like another prodigy, I thought to myself," Yes...I've brushed up on past mathematical equations. Sounds to me Einstein shape the future of your understanding of the universe."

"Oh Yes...Einstein planted the seed...but his biggest problem in those early years, not very many people could fully understand the theory in detail. It wasn't until the 1960's when things began to happen. I mean after developing the Atomic Bomb in 1945, an acute interest was sparked in order to answer astronomical phenomena...such as quasars, pulsars and the discovery of the first black hole in 1971. Einsteins theories were more appreciate after new mathematical techniques," Dr. Jennis raced along," You might say the nuclear age brought with it a new interest in science..."

"Yes doctor," I said, trying to keep interest," Wars seem to spark a new interest in science...for the purpose to outwit their enemy."

"Ah...yes mentioned evidence in our solar system?" Dr. Jennis was eager to change the subject.

"Yes doctor," I was so amused," What planet gives you a promising history?"

"Oh well...that's easy,"The doctor scrambled his words," Mars of course...Mars!"

"Excellent doctor," this is fun, I thought,"Your exactly right!"

The doctor smiled as if he just won a prize," Did your people colonize Mars!

"Not exactly doctor, I said with an evil grin," not exactly... It was originally occupied by my people's rivals...the Green Skins."

Dr. Jennis couldn't sit still, he was so excited," Green Skins! You fought the Green Skins? What were
they like? Did they resemble lizards? Is that why you call them Green Skins? Did they attack..."

As amused as I was, I had to interrupt the doctor," Doctor Jennis...please question at a
time, If I had the ability to laugh, I would be rolling in laughter, I relished a mechanical snicker instead," Oh my doctor...your species are so funny. Are you all like this?"

Dr. Jennis wasn't amused,realizing his own excitement must look ridiculous. He quickly calmed down, with a more serious tone," Casey...what about Mars? Was it colonized by these Green Skins?"

I mustard a mechanical nod," Yes doctor, the Green Skins did colonize Mars...over 30,000 years before
your species took a foothold on earth."

"So...that means...,"Dr. Jennis said.

"I quickly interrupted," Yes doctor, that means there still would be some kind of evidence of their existence."

Dr. Jennis couldn't keep his composure," That's totally amazing!" His little brain was racing with excitement," We are headed to Mars...our very first manned mission to Mars!" He started pacing up and down the conference room and then abruptly stopped in his tracks," Wait a minute! Wait a minute!,He said," Is it possible that we may find more robotics just like you Casey!"

" We are called androids, doctor," I rolled my bloodstone eyes," humanoid androids..."

The doctor was distracted, in deep thought. He realizes I said something," Oh...of course Casey...of
course...androids," He looks up,starring directly at me, waiting impatiently for an answer," there?"

I thought I play with him a little,"Is there what doctor?"

"Is there a possibility of other androids like yourself on Mars!, the doctor was having a difficult time spitting out his words.

"Yes doctor," I said," It's quite possible...but I'm not sure what kind of shape they would be in."

The doctor was more interested in past colonization of Mars and androids then time travel. Maybe I'll leave it at that, tell them about time travel another time. Ah,another time! I think humans would call this playing with words or even a joke. These human species had interesting characteristics unlike my creators.

OK...the doctor is starring at me again, he waiting for more information. This species sure stare a lot, they remind me like children of Sirus 5.

"Doctor?"I said," Is there something else would like to know?"

"OH YES CASEY!" Dr. Laplace urged me along," Would you say there are different kinds of androids?"

"Very much so, doctor," I stated," My creators had three different classes of androids while the Green Skins only had one type. The Sorieus People created clerical androids, like myself, Protector androids and starship data entry androids. The Green Skins had only one use for androids - War."

"Now that's very interesting Casey..."Dr. Jennis edged me for more," Where do you think would be the best place to start looking?"

" Start looking?" I toyed with the doctor.

"Where on Mars would the ancient androids be hiding?" Dr. Laplace frowned, knowing to well I was playing around.

" Mars has a lot of volcanic tunnels underneath its surface, leaving a maze of what we called Wormholes, I said," these wormholes hide a network of cities built by the Green Skins. You might find traces of old androids left behind, due to malfunction or injury."

"That's remarkable," Dr. Jennis had a hard time keeping still, it was like he hit the mother load," I would love to be the one to survey these valuable archaeological discoveries. This is so awesome!"

"Don't we have a lot to do today doctor?" I said, knowingly changing the subject," Weren't you going to take me on a tour of this new facility of yours?".

My hidden agenda was obvious, I had to calculate this architectural structure for further study. I mean, after all, my objective is simple, find Dex Riley and give him vital information about Mars.

The doctor stops pacing," Oh're right Casey, I forgot. I'm just so excited that we found you. You don't realize how valuable you really are."

Oh Come on! I thought to myself. Really??? If they only knew Commander Cardin had planted me deep within the cavern, on the intent that someone with some sort of intelligence would find me in the future.

Not sure how long I can keep up this charade, it was certainly degrading my superior intelligence, but I had no choice. Somehow, I must convince these humans the importance of Dex Riley.

Dr. Jennis interrupts my thoughts," Well Casey...would you like to join me for a tour?"

"Of course doctor,"I said," Lead the way doctor..."

My objective is simple, find Dex Riley and give him vital information about Mars.

By Bari Demers


J. Robb Montana is also working on a science-fiction screenplay/ script called, "Black Angels of Sirus 5" - in the beginning ancient astronauts came to earth genetically altering mankind to the way we are today. Check out more ...
[ ISBN #0-978-0-98-11968-0-0 Prefix: 0-9811968 – All rights reserved. ]

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