Black Angels

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black Angels by Bari Demers

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                   "Black Angels of Sirus 5"

                         Bari Demers

The Science-fiction thrill, Black Angels begins over 100,000 years ago on Planet Earth, long before mankind had a foothold. We find our planet was once occupied by an intelligent species known as the Sirius People from the Sirius Cluster of the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation.

The Sirius People have been forced to flee their home planet called Sirius 5 to avoid an evadable threat of a Super Nova on Sirius C.

But in order to succeed in their new home, an elite team of military personal, known as the Black Angels, must have control over the native inhabitants on Earth by crossing their superior genetics and speeding up the evolutionary timeline of Ape-man.

King Osiris makes an official announcement,the discovery of a suitable planet capable to sustain life. He orders an immediate Military Convoy of four Starships: S737, S747, S757 and S767 to begin a Colonization Mission to planet Earth. During their voyage to Earth, two Star ships are believed to be destroyed. 

The Starships 757 and its counterpart 767 arrive orbiting Earth carrying a crew of twelve: Mission Commander Cardin Jackson, Corporal Karen Jefferson, Lance Corporal Gill Christopher, Engineer Specialist Officer Elizabeth Black, Chief Master Sergeant Riley Red Miller, Science Officer Francoise Hemingway, Special Ops Officer Hicks Green, Father Samuel Chaplain, Ships Doctor Jonathan Smith, Private Brad Conway and Ships Computer Alisha.

Mission Commander Cardin Jason is a seasoned military hero that leads the expeditionary team into the “unknown" with strict orders from King Osiris, to inhabit Earth in order for the Sirius People to evacuate their home planet.

Commander Cardin sends his crew down to Earth while he secretly launches a deadly satellite to Mars on special orders executed by King Osiris.
While the team get a foothold on Earth, the ships computer, Alisha receives a distressed call from previous lost starship S747.
Unknown to the crew, a rival species, the Green Skins are lurking nearby leaving the team of Black Angels in a precarious position. 

Find out what happens to Aliens of Sirus 5 leaving behind unexplained monuments and the answer to the missing link to mankind.

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