Black Angels

Friday, August 8, 2014

Movie Pitch - Our Ancestors

Our ANCESTORS, Who were they? 

Historically it has been documented, THEY were the Gods of the Heavens seeking refuge on Earth over 100,000 years ago. It was said, our forefathers searched our dimensional universes for a safe haven before SIRIUS C swallowed up their planet on SIRUS 5. 

It was inevitable.

Screenplay BLACK ANGELS written by Bari Demers is a sci-fi story of our ancestors trying to take a foothold on earth, but something goes terribly wrong. 

What happened to our Ancestors? 

We are the genetic offspring of our forefathers, hard-wired to explore the universe searching the age old questions:

1. Who made us? 
2. What's our purpose?
3. Where do we come from?
4. Are we alone?

Buried in the historical scriptures, our past present and future was foretold long before our creation. Stories of Black Angels and Gods have been recorded many times over with tales of strange reptilians roaming our earth.  We are all aware of dinosaurs but yet to believe the existence of dragons or unicorns. 

It's been said our ancestors had troubles of their own, plagued by the hardships of survival on a strange new planet called Earth. But there was more to their story, revealed by ancient accounts of Black Angels causing 
havoc to settlement plans. 

The story of the Black Angels may be the reason we lost all contact of our ancestors, but evidence of a superior race is still visible today by artifacts, engineered structures and ancient electrical conduits.

Screenplay, BLACK ANGELS explores the theory of our ancestors and how we were genetically altered to suit their needs. The science-fiction script is an action packed thriller sure to keep you glued to your seat. 

Finishing the development stage, it's now in the consideration of major film studios, film council or independent investors to bring BLACK ANGELS to the screen. 

For more information, visit my website to contact me for the BLACK ANGELS script. 

Perhaps one day our ancestors will come down from the heavens, to join with us once again. 

Or maybe they already have...

I hope you have enjoyed my pitch for my screenplay BLACK ANGELS 

Written by Bari Demers

                                          Proposal Movie Poster (subject to change)