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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SIRIANS GODS - The Modern Human Connection

By Bari Demers

On Earth, 700,000 years ago evolution of mankind evolved along slowly, introducing our most ancient ancestor, the Denisovans.  Move along to 400,000 years we have archaeological evidence of the Denisovans close relatives, the Neanderthal

Evolutionary timeline was going along as it should, until a remarkable drastic change happened 100,000 years ago.  A more MODERN HUMAN in the evolutionary timeline has been recorded by archaeologists.  Before the change mankind evolved from archaic Homo sapiens in the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago.


Suddenly, the Modern Human emerged from the sub-Saharan Africa region.


Throughout history mankind has recorded legends, by means of art, scriptures or hieroglyphics. It been said 100,000 years ago the evolution of mankind was drastically changed by the SIRIANS, mutating our genetics into who we are today, Homo-Sapiens.

Our creators were in fact playing GOD, but in reality, their main purpose was to save their own species. 


The Gods of the Heavens were recorded as the Syrians by the Egyptians hieroglyphics, but earlier manuscripts wrote them as the true Sirians -  Gods of the Heavens above.  

The hieroglyphics read, the Gods of the Sirians originally came from the stars of Sirius by the request of ATUM, the GOD OF CREATION. 

The Egyptians had a long relationship with the Syrians from trading to fighting battles, throughout the millennium. Their relationship was even closer than expected.  As much as the Egyptians wanted to deny it, the fact is, the Egyptians were close families to the Syrians.  

According to legend, King Osiris dynasty was blessed by the God of Creation, with the birth of two twin sons by his wife, Queen Isis.  Their first born son was named Adamn, under respect of their creator, ATUM.  The second son, born only minutes apart, was named Horus, the god of the SUN. 

Both brothers fought constantly, one wanting what the other had. Horus spoiled upbringing gave him a pompous uncontrolled ego.

One day, its been told, Horus (only 10 years old) asked his father," Who would occupy his earth throne when he takes his journey into afterlife?" His father explained to him, it's always been the oldest.  Horus couldn't fathom the thought.  To think, Adamn would be successor to the throne.  He was upset for days, dis-relishing the thought his brother would one day control him.  Angered and full of selfishness, he poured out his troubles with his beloved uncle Set.  

Little did Horus know, his uncle had plans of his own.  

Uncle Set took Horus under his wing, showering him with gifts and making him feel like his very own son. Set convinced the troubled Horus he would do his very best to change his brothers mind, that Horus was indeed the best candidate for the throne. But, to make this happen, he instructed Horus it was important to talk to King Osiris alone.  Little did the young Horus know the true reason.

Unknown to King Osiris, his sons were the least of his worry's. 

His brother Set was devising a plot to kill him, to rule as the new pharaoh.  Set knew it was extremely hard to find King Osiris by himself, without being protected by his guards, so he convinced Horus to trick his dad.  Horus asked his dad if it would be possible to go hunting together without his brigade of armed guards. And, because it was Horus's birthday, he agreed, but it was very important to keep it a secret.  Of course, he told his uncle right away. 

The trap was set ! 

Horus and his dad were just about to head out on the hunting excursion early one morning, when Horus said he forgot his best hunting bow behind. He convinced King Osiris he would meet him shortly by the river.  But of course, he never arrived. In his place was his brother Set. 

Set succeeded in killing King Osiris and tried to do the same to Adamn. But Adamn fled to the land of Syria, under the safety of the Sirians. In anger, Set removed Adamn from all scriptures, as if he never existed in the first place.  

Horus felt betrayed by his uncle and tried to harm him, but failed miserably.  

Set was about to cut off his head, when Queen Isis plead for his mercy, saying she would do anything he asked.  Set agreed and allowed Horus to be raised by his mother.  King Set took Osiris wife, Isis as his second wife to her twin sister, Queen Nephthys.  He went on to build an empire along the Nile River of Northeastern Africa, as the new founder and pharaoh of the Egyptians.

There's even a further tale where "...Nephthys couldn't have a child with Set, so she disguised herself as her twin, Isis, to seduce him. The plot succeeded, resulting in the birth of Anubis."*

It was written, when Horus grew up, he took revenge over his fathers death by murdering King Set, but in actuality, Horus was only after the power of the throne.

And, as far as Adamn was concerned, his prophesy didn't emerge until biblical accounts from the Christian era. 

Graphic Art Photo Credit : Bari Demers


In earlier hieroglyphics, the Egyptians wrote more about Atum, the God of Creation.  It was speculated Atum had a growing concern over the fate of his children, the Sirians.  Through visions and dreams, Atum ordered King Osiris to find new blood on a distant planet, before it was too late.  He feared their species would eventually die of a deadly plague called the Black Mutation Virus (BMV).  

During this time, 100,000 years ago, the true bloodline of the Sirians were sent here from the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation under the orders of King Osiris (the 10th dynasty in the old kingdom of THE GODS OF SIRIUS).

To the Syrians and Egyptians, King Osiris was considered the holy descendant and rebirth of THE GODS OF SIRIUS under the one and only, highest GODS of them all, LORD GOD ATUM.

It was speculated, Atum was the one of the same god from the biblical version, known as Lord God, creator of the heavens and earth.

In light of this, here on earth, archaeologists have made an incredible discovery. 

Throughout the archaeological community, it's known,"... the Mesopotamia empire dates back as far as 700,000 years ago, with the central region, Eber Nari.  Biblical accounts of this region was recorded including scriptures by the Assyrians and Persian Kings. 

Interestingly, archaeologists found a sudden significant change that happened 100,000 years ago, where evidence encounters a more MODERN HUMAN..."*

In fact, the accounts of the time and the evolutionary change in mankind, points to the suggestion, that the cross genetics or mutation of mankind  into Homo-Sapiens was the beginning of a more intelligent "Modern Human", speeding up  the course of our evolution. 

But, at what cost ?

BLACK ANGELS - Graphic Art Credit : Bari Demers


The truth of the matter is, the advance Sirians civilization, came here out of desperation, seeking a cure for the deadly virus called, Black Mutation Virus (BMV).  These ancient astronauts endless search revealed a promising compound drug on earth, referred to as Red Crystal.

Red Crystal was said to be the answer to eliminating the virus once and for all, but it was unclear if this was the case at all.  During the same time, interesting accounts had rumored, that throughout the last century of King Osiris dynasty, there were numerous sightings and encounters of alien monsters, only known as BLACK ANGELS

It was in their own interest to cross their bloodline with ours, in order to rid them of the deadly virus. Today we are the product of that experiment.  In their desperation, we were created.

On an evolutionary scale, we just weren't ready.

Today, we're a 100,000 year product of underdeveloped generations having produced unstable homo-sapiens, who are subjects to greed, power and centuries of countless wars. In fact, we are still savages, but with one critical difference. We are intelligent savages with 10 percent use of our brain.  
Speeding up evolution might of been the wrong choice in the long run. Can you imagine if we had 25 percent of our cerebral cortex ?

Maybe we would be considered THE GODS FROM THE HEAVENS.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Servant Centurion 797 - Dilornian Reports 2015


MISSION RECORDED  - JULY 14 2015 - Phase V


Year of Our Lords - Earth Occupation Data 

To Queen Siri XII, my Highness of The Gods of Sirius, thus speaks Dilornian, the loyal servant to my Queen.

I bow to the Queen, Highness of my Dear Gods of Sirius, seven times and seven times more, I cast myself down in humility.

I have important updates as requested by my Queen of all Queens, dearest Queen Siri XII.


Mission Apollo progress report on this date, JULY 01.2015, Lords of our Gods of Sirius. 

We have made numerous contact with Species Catalogue #4060 - 7274367 Homo-Sapiens of Planet ALPHA XL-420 through government officials masked under Project : MISSION APOLLO.

As stated, the Dark side of the Moon, is going as planned, but with considerable interference.

May the Queen know the continuing interference with Species Catalogue #843 - 47297 The Grays have become a nuisance, to say the least. 

Their hostility against us and the earthlings has caused considerable delays, that we cannot complete our task on time.  

It's been documented that The Grays have been performing unsanctioned ALIEN ABDUCTIONS on Homo-Sapiens of Earth.

It is said, they have been given permission by the leaders of the Homo-Sapiens governments.  We have found this is NOT the case at all. Their insistence on lies have become intolerable. 

They have also been using a natural plant grown on Earth, known as, MJ. Their continuous use of MJ has made them into these comical TIME STONERS  (please excuse my pun - we all know the correct use of the word is Time Zoners).  In reference to TIME ZONERS, it's been calculated The Grays continuous use of TIME TRAVEL will place a strain on the overall time continuum. 

It is my suggestion to begin imposing TIME TRAVEL sanctions against The Grays.  In respect, we would prohibited them from using the wormholes locations, Jupiter and Saturn, respectively.  

Forgive me my dear Queen of all Queens, Highness of them all.

I pray to The Gods of Sirius that their presence will be eliminated, so I may continue on with the most important task instructed by you, my dear Queen Siri XII. 

Respectfully, I bow to the Queen, Highness of my Dear Gods of Sirius, seven times and seven times more, I cast myself down in humility.

In addition, Jupiter's Great Red Spot has increasingly expanded due to the over-use of the wormhole.  

Fortune has it, the Homo-Sapiens are still oblivious to the understanding about the Great Red Spot.  Of course, it is indeed a wormhole and gateway to other universes, and or galaxies.  

But I fear, they are becoming increasingly curious. 

With all due respect my dear Queen Siri XII, I still don't believe it was a good idea for our ancestors under KING SIRIUS, to speed up evolution and cross our genetics with APE-MAN

The new genetic species, referred to as the HOMO-SAPIENS species is becoming more unstable as we speak. 

Along with their mis-use on earth's environment, will play serious impact on the overall growth of its own species and the millions of animal species, who are all at serious risk or even death.  

The increasingly aging Warheads are becoming worrisome to all the ALIEN SPECIES occupying ALPHA XL- 420 (Earth).  Eight of the ten heads of the UNIVERSAL STATE OF AFFAIRS have lodged official complaints.

It's even more disturbing to know, the region known as Yellowstone National Park, is becoming more and more unstable.  The factual information of the magma expansion under a Super Volcano has become frightening, to say the least. 

If we can't control the magma, it will surely mean the complete destruction of ALPHA XL- 420 as we know it today.

Black Angels by Bari Demers


To conclude this TOP SECRET electronic transmission to my Queen Siri XII, Highness of The Gods of Sirius, it's imperative I receive your blessing to proceed. 

It is also true, the BLACK VIRUS has made a considerable comeback, causing wide spread chaos on earth (ALPHA XL-420) The BLACK VIRUS has caused the return of VAMPS, raging a bloody war throughout earth.  As you know, this virus turns the victims into mindless ZOMBIES

But fortune has it, there's still a good supply of  RED CRYSTAL available in the Africana jungles, the Canadian Rockies (YOHO) and the new colonial region known as the Australian Island, where our predecessors have preformed genetic experiments on APE-MAN and assortment of wild beasts, in the past.

I require your RED SEAL order of approval, enabling me to be released by your permission, to begin mining of the said RED CRYSTAL

The above information is to the best of my knowledge at this time.  

Oh, forgive me my Queen Siri XII, I almost forgot to report, we have NOT located android Casey - Series 6000, at this time.  His apparent location is unknown.  With your permission, may I request extra ROYAL EMPEROR TROOPS to continue search throughout this solar system.  At this time our DRONES have NOT been successful in locating Casey- Series 6000 on Earth.

I bow to the Queen, Highness of my Dear Gods of Sirius, seven times and seven times more,  I cast myself down in humility.

In praise to the Lords of Our Gods - Sovereign Rule of Our Kingdom under our Lord Queen Siri XII


Mission Accomplishments are seeded and are said to be in progress. 

May The Lord Our Gods Be With You

Signed by Dilornian, the loyal servant to my Queen.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Movie Pitch - Our Ancestors

Our ANCESTORS, Who were they? 

Historically it has been documented, THEY were the Gods of the Heavens seeking refuge on Earth over 100,000 years ago. It was said, our forefathers searched our dimensional universes for a safe haven before SIRIUS C swallowed up their planet on SIRUS 5. 

It was inevitable.

Screenplay BLACK ANGELS written by Bari Demers is a sci-fi story of our ancestors trying to take a foothold on earth, but something goes terribly wrong. 

What happened to our Ancestors? 

We are the genetic offspring of our forefathers, hard-wired to explore the universe searching the age old questions:

1. Who made us? 
2. What's our purpose?
3. Where do we come from?
4. Are we alone?

Buried in the historical scriptures, our past present and future was foretold long before our creation. Stories of Black Angels and Gods have been recorded many times over with tales of strange reptilians roaming our earth.  We are all aware of dinosaurs but yet to believe the existence of dragons or unicorns. 

It's been said our ancestors had troubles of their own, plagued by the hardships of survival on a strange new planet called Earth. But there was more to their story, revealed by ancient accounts of Black Angels causing 
havoc to settlement plans. 

The story of the Black Angels may be the reason we lost all contact of our ancestors, but evidence of a superior race is still visible today by artifacts, engineered structures and ancient electrical conduits.

Screenplay, BLACK ANGELS explores the theory of our ancestors and how we were genetically altered to suit their needs. The science-fiction script is an action packed thriller sure to keep you glued to your seat. 

Finishing the development stage, it's now in the consideration of major film studios, film council or independent investors to bring BLACK ANGELS to the screen. 

For more information, visit my website to contact me for the BLACK ANGELS script. 

Perhaps one day our ancestors will come down from the heavens, to join with us once again. 

Or maybe they already have...

I hope you have enjoyed my pitch for my screenplay BLACK ANGELS 

Written by Bari Demers

                                          Proposal Movie Poster (subject to change)

Monday, June 25, 2012

James Montana Scripts by Bari Demers

James Montana - Profile

Here’s my story:

Website : 

James Montana is a screen name in the artistic production world for actors, directors and authors.

Writer, Bari Demers is a graduated at Okanagan College University in Kelowna, British Columbia, a two year studies of Applied Arts and Sciences.  He also went to Cariboo College in Kamloops, British Columbia and study for a two year architectural drafting tech.

Afterwords Bari spent 10 years working for an engineering firm called UMA in Edmonton, Alberta.  He represented the firm traveling across western Canada from Calgary, Kelowna to Vancouver. From 1980 – 82  my work consisted of building architectural structures for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. 

Bari transferred to Kelowna within the Okanagan Valley in 1982 because of his home in Vernon, B.C.   

His wife finished her schooling in the medical field and encouraged me to go back to the Edmonton area so she could pursue her career. 

Bari was getting quite bored with architectural drawings and it was then he decided pursue his passion.

While my wife worked in her medical field, he applied himself for three years in creative writing. Bari became very interested in the movie industry working mainly on screenplays and science-fiction novels. 

After years of trail and errors, it was time to pursue his science-fiction screenplay, Black Angels of Sirus 5.

Presently Working On :

I have a deep interest in the continued success of Aliens and now Prometheus. 

Even though fans have been very critical of Prometheus, I can see where it's going.  Prometheus is a 2012 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott with writers Jon Sphihts and Damon Lindelof.

The films stars are Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and Charlize Theron. 

The idea of a wealth prodigy businessman Peter Weyland, founder of Weyland Industries with a timeline showcasing his accomplishments.  Seeking the origins of humanity is the drive of the crew of Prometheus.  But for Peter, it was time to be able to meet his maker, as so he thought.

I've gone a few steps further with the timeline, from as far back as 100,000 years ago up to present and then into the future. Filling gaps within Peter Weyland  Industries is a fun project, like when you meet Casey 10 - 6000 Series

Robotics on Mars reaches into a part of the timeline not even mention yet in Weyland Industries timeline.   With Black Angels of Sirus 5 - the Engineers takes on another rival written into the story over 100,000 years before. In Black Angels of Sirus 5 you meet up with the Logline:

Over 100 thousands years ago an intelligent alien race from Sirius Cluster came to conquer Earth,(known as the Sirians) transforming Ape-man into who we are today. Lead by a season military hero, Commander Cardin is torn between his military duty by his uncle King Osiris and irrefutable secret love for Corporal Karen Jefferson. In order to take foothold on Earth they must win against their rival, The Engineers have a different mission objective. Unknown to the Sirians the Engineers have an allied species, The Jotunn's (Savage Reptilian Humanoids) based on planet ML-393 within the Milky Way Constellation known today as Mars

And to make it even more interesting, with Black Angels Series you meet up with the Aliens who you first met in Alien on Earth over 100,000 years ago. It brings hints to who were our makers and why we are here. What is the purpose of making such a deadly creature, the titular Alien? What did they find on Earth? How did it change mankind forever?  How is the Alien involved? 

All these questions and more are answered with Black Angels of Sirus 5 With the screenplay ready for a director's hand, wouldn't it be fun for 20th Century Fox to pick it up, to continue the trilogy of Aliens. I have at least three movies productions in the works to carry on this great working trilogy of Aliens.

Robotics on Mars is in the working process which I find exciting, connecting the past, present and future of mankind. Who we are and Where did our ancestors come from? Of course we have to add the evil, it's our nature of who we are. 


Join me on twitter @JRobbMontana - Bari Demers - for updates on my screenplays on Robotics on Mars and Black Angels of Sirus 5


BARI's relaxing time is spent in, Las Vegas.   

You can play in Vegas without spending all your money. It has so much to offer. The food, entertainment and hotels offer enjoyment where the fun never ends.  I love everything to do with Vegas, I decided to have a  Facebook page called: Vegas Reviews

So far my fan count is over 800, a VEGAS LOVER RETREAT - where everyone can interact and enjoy everything to do with Vegas. 

Chapter One   Chapter Two   Chapter Three  Chapter Four   Chapter Five  Chapter Six   Chapter Seven
Bari Demers is also working on a science-fiction manuscript : Robotics on Mars - Click on above Chapters

Friday, April 13, 2012

Aftermath of Hiroshima

by Bari Demers

An Artist expresses his thoughts through the use of various mediums to capture his audience.

Most would think an artist is trying to reach out to the public in order to sell his creative forms of media, but that is not the case at all.  Every artist is different with their own techniques and gifts, from watercolor, oil painting to abstracts. They're not showing their art to please everyone, it's a form of expression and if you see and understand what the artist is saying, it will also have meaning to you.

Unfortunately most artists aren't totally recognized  until years after their death or just before, like, Emily Carr and Tom Thomson. If an artist is one of the lucky ones to be discovered within his or her lifetime, they are immediately appreciated through mass media. Once this happens, the world becomes aware of his or her accomplishments after years of being in the shadows.

Art is appreciated in the eye of the beholder and of its creator and it really doesn't matter what the world thinks of their art piece. After all, it wasn't created to suit the drapes, the room or peoples impression of what art is. Each artist has their very own expression and this is exactly what the painting, Aftermath of Hiroshima by artist Bari is portraying in his art piece.

Aftermath of Hiroshima by artist Bari expresses the pain, anguish and loss after the bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. The Ghosts of Hiroshima were witness to the power of the atomic bomb named Little Boy  dropped on that day in August 6 1945.

It was said by witness those in the immediately area were evaporated from existence, while those who survived saw their flesh melt off their bones, extending their arms up looking  like zombies of the walking dead. A time of extreme horror and the painting Aftermath of Hiroshima is a strong reminder to all of mankind how important it is to solve differences in a peaceful manner.
Artist Bari has also visit Pearl Harbor and expressed his feelings on canvas, remembering Pearl Harbor.

In Conclusion:
An Artist expresses his or herself in many different ways using various mediums, bringing his audience close attention to what matters.
It's only art to you if it matters or it moves you to support that artists.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Camilla Sdo - A Little NASA Mascot

Camilla Sdo, a mascot for NASA’s Little Sdo and the spokes person helping with Education and Outreach, inspiring children into the Sciences, Technology and Engineering Aeronautics.

The little rubber chicken named Camilla just had her second year birthday and it was fitting that she ask her viewers what they learned in the past two years to launch the 2nd Anniversary Contest.

Inspired by NASA at a young age of six years old, I use to copy NASA Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr., the first manned space mission on May 5th 1961. I remember taking an old chair, propping myself flat on the floor with my legs hanging over the seat of the chair, mimicking Alan Shepard. My helmet was nothing more than a football helmet that I borrowed from one of my friends.  I was hooked!

A few years later a historical event took place that would shake the world, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon in July 20 1969 under the power of Apollo 11.  Everyone in the world glued their attention to a small TV tube watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon with his famous quote,” That’s one small step for Man, one giant Leap for mankind...”With NASA’s Shuttle Program from 1981 to 2011, I have eagerly followed the triumphs and tragedies of brave adventurous astronauts.

And today isn’t any different with the easy of the Internet; I can follow Camilla, NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (Little Sdo) and STEREO educating us with videos, photos and literature. Camilla teaches us with humour, a creative mathematical equation that can only be seen within our hearts.

Inspiration with a dash of humour help children and adults become educated through NASA in a fun relaxed atmosphere with the truly wonderful mascot Camilla, the little rubber chicken.

It all began two years before, (Quote by NASA Little Sdo)”... On Feb 11th 2010 at 10:23 AM EST the Solar Dynamics Observatory mission, on board an Atlas V-401, started its journey to space. It was a beautiful morning with only a handful of wispy cirrus clouds crisscrossing the wintry-blue sky. As the countdown timer ticked to zero, a sundog formed over the launch pad. Little SDO left the launch pad gracefully and accelerated towards the sundog...”

Under Camilla’s spell I have learned about our Sun under the careful mechanical eye of Little Sdo and STEREO, a pair of satellites relaying information to Little Sdo, who is  traveling the same speed as Earth, over 69,000 miles per hour in order to feed data to its home station in New Mexico. Little Sdo has a special orbit called geosynchronous orbit or GEO staying in constant orbital contact with ground control.

With these three remarkable satellites we now can see firsthand 360 degree of our Sun, giving us another historical opportunity to help scientists answer increasingly vital information about our Sun and how it affects Earth.

During the fall and winter months we are graced by the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, or known as Aurora Borealis named after the Roman goddess of dawn and Aurora. The Northern Lights dance across our skies showcasing a brilliance of colors in greens, blues and yellows. But it also is a reaction from solar eruptions from our Sun, leading concern to our scientists, figuring out how we can protect astronauts and our satellites from harmful bursts of radiation.

Personally I’ve been inspired by Camilla and as an artist I love to express my education by showcasing fun videos about Camilla and all her facebook and NASA friends during the last two years of Camilla’s existence. I look forward to another two years of fulfilled education with Camilla, Little Sdo and STEREO.
Thank you Camilla and NASA

J. Robb Montana is a science-fiction writer, presently writing screenplay, Black Angels for the next action-pack thriller  blockbuster movie.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black Angels by Bari Demers

Treatment Version : 
working stage....

Note: If you're looking for the Synopsis - Click Here

                   "Black Angels of Sirus 5"

                         Bari Demers

The Science-fiction thrill, Black Angels begins over 100,000 years ago on Planet Earth, long before mankind had a foothold. We find our planet was once occupied by an intelligent species known as the Sirius People from the Sirius Cluster of the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation.

The Sirius People have been forced to flee their home planet called Sirius 5 to avoid an evadable threat of a Super Nova on Sirius C.

But in order to succeed in their new home, an elite team of military personal, known as the Black Angels, must have control over the native inhabitants on Earth by crossing their superior genetics and speeding up the evolutionary timeline of Ape-man.

King Osiris makes an official announcement,the discovery of a suitable planet capable to sustain life. He orders an immediate Military Convoy of four Starships: S737, S747, S757 and S767 to begin a Colonization Mission to planet Earth. During their voyage to Earth, two Star ships are believed to be destroyed. 

The Starships 757 and its counterpart 767 arrive orbiting Earth carrying a crew of twelve: Mission Commander Cardin Jackson, Corporal Karen Jefferson, Lance Corporal Gill Christopher, Engineer Specialist Officer Elizabeth Black, Chief Master Sergeant Riley Red Miller, Science Officer Francoise Hemingway, Special Ops Officer Hicks Green, Father Samuel Chaplain, Ships Doctor Jonathan Smith, Private Brad Conway and Ships Computer Alisha.

Mission Commander Cardin Jason is a seasoned military hero that leads the expeditionary team into the “unknown" with strict orders from King Osiris, to inhabit Earth in order for the Sirius People to evacuate their home planet.

Commander Cardin sends his crew down to Earth while he secretly launches a deadly satellite to Mars on special orders executed by King Osiris.
While the team get a foothold on Earth, the ships computer, Alisha receives a distressed call from previous lost starship S747.
Unknown to the crew, a rival species, the Green Skins are lurking nearby leaving the team of Black Angels in a precarious position. 

Find out what happens to Aliens of Sirus 5 leaving behind unexplained monuments and the answer to the missing link to mankind.

 Bari Demers - ask for writers script by posting comment here. (All spam will automatically be deleted)

Check out the writer's short stories...