Black Angels

Friday, December 11, 2009

Northwest Art & Design by Bari Demers

 Northwest Eagle
First Nations People have capitalized on Art and Design intertwined with folklore and beliefs. Each artistic design represents a story passed down from generation to generation.

Northwest Native Art on the coast of British Columbia have had many names in the past, such as:
  • Aboriginals

  • Natives

  • Indians

  • Indigenous Peoples

  • Indian Bands

But now the term is First Nations, which I find fitting and gives a stronger respect of the First Nations throughout North America. What makes it fitting, is that they are the very first Nation of People to occupy the beautiful lands filled with surrounding cedar trees over 400 years old and wild oceans teaming with marine life. The first immigrant to land on this coastline of British Columbia was Captain Vancouver, who had first thought he had discovered the middle east. But, to his amazement he was greeted by the Haida People.
The First Nations People are occupied by a long selection of historical people from the Hadia to the Skawahlook Nations. There are approximately 300 proud Nation groups with creative symbolic art expressing the heart of their culture.

The original Haida Nation who greeted Captain Vancouver were close to elimination due to European settlers who brought their chicken pox and other diseases along with them. But a few of the Haida Tribe did survive, leaving beautiful artifacts, culture and spiritual meaning.

Take a leisure hike with breathtaking landscapes, sandy beaches, temperate rain forest, caves, waterfalls and cliff side mountains, you can hear the whispering sound of the Haida Spirits drifting through the thick cedar forest.

The First Nations in North America were extremely resourceful, using what they had around them without any waste. Deer hides were crafted into beautiful clothing covered in ordainment beads.

Imagine being part of the Haida Tribe going after a Killer whale in a small cedar canoe hollowed out for approximately eight men. Sometimes they didn’t survive.
Their homes were made of cedar slabs and they had appointed artists handed down from generation to generation.

Each tribe have a great respect for their animal life, well knowingly, the spiritual fathers were reincarnated into the living animal species, such as an bald head eagle or the white Spirit bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) or moskgm'ol (white bear), as called by the Tsimshian Coastal First Nations.

Each animal species have a powerful spirit within all First Nations legends.
The most interesting one is the Thunder bird with a legendary story a long time ago, where a giant killer whale ate all the salmon in the ocean. The First Nation People on shore were starving, begging the killer whale to leave food for their people.
After many days of praying to the spirits, a great wind crashed across the sea with roars of thunder and bolts of lightning. The Chief of the tribe felt the presence of a great spirit and ask for help.
But the spirit asked,"What will you do for me?"
And with that the Chief promises respect and admiration. Suddenly appeared the great spirit of them all - The mighty Thunder bird with flashing lightening from its pointed talons and rolling thunder as it swept its mighty wings.
The mighty Thunder bird grab the Killer Whale by its talons, carrying it off towards the rolling hills, where it dropped the enormous beast, immediately turning into a great mountain that you can see today.
To this day the artistic cultural carvers keep their word of respect to the mighty Thunder bird by
showing off the great spiritual Thunder bird by means of their expressive art.

In today's world we can learn from the First Nations heritages by respecting the rightful use of our species of animals and to use the resources in respect of mother earth.
Respecting our fishing and hunting privileges is only becoming a part of the ecological cycle. Our great fortune of being able to have food on the table should be to better our resources and to improve the embitterment of mankind. Enjoy the cultural history and keep it for our children's children and our grandchildren.
Knowledge and understanding of our resources will mean a brighter stronger future to co-exist with our animals species instead of our destroying nature.
Northwest Art is bringing  a new life and spirit, providing historical riches to our heritages of mankind. Art and Design is expressed as an individual brand of that person - therefore Northwest Art is now expressed by all artists. It doesn't mean they have to be First Nations People to showcase aboriginal art.
It's a new world with new ideas - join me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Space Fever - short story by J. Robb Montana

Black Angels by Bari Demers

By Bari Demers
[copyright Dec.7,2009]

The young boy gazed at the snowflakes drifting to the ground like a musical waltz.
He perch’s his little framed body onto the wooden white bench, so well crafted like the rest of the Elizabethan home.

 A blizzard had come within the night, creeping amongst the lonely barren moon in silence, and then without warning a whirling storm covers the quiet community of Tetarrais on the rocky base of  Titan.

Titan has been described as a planet very much like Earth's North Pole, if it weren’t for the icy crystal drops of methane scattering the terrain. Titan isn't your average moon, constantly being pulled by the forces of Saturn. A decade before a privately owned company named E-Zone sent probes onto the surface of this precarious moon, looking for rich gases to mine. To their surprise, on the outer region of Titan they discovered a pocket of oxygen trapped in a swirl amongst the outer atmosphere of nitrogen and heavy clouds of methane and ethane. Within a couple of years, a mission was financed to further explore this area in detailed.

E-Zone was well established on the earth's moon during the moon race for profit in 2060 where they had capitalized on the discovery of Black Diamonds deep within the lunar surface. These Black Diamonds weren't your typical diamond; when compressed, it  released an enormous amount of energy. E-Zone established profitable payloads of black diamonds and began shipping it's valuable resource to an already depleted earth with the help of high tech androids.

Black Angels - The Movie - By Bari Demers

It wasn't long before a colony of androids were shipped to Titan to begin excavating it surfaces for rich resources. After billions of dollars E-Zone diligence paid off with the discovery of a new type of Tritanium based alloy that proved to be a very valuable resource for space travel.

Five years later a small colony of scientists established a foothold within Titan's pocket of oxygen named, " The Breathe of Life" precariously swirling amongst the prominent deadly methane atmosphere.

To make their colony represent a feeling of home, specially designed homes were fashioned with Elizabethan Architecture. The colony of only twenty eight used their companies owned androids to perform house duties, not realizing the outcome.

With no children within the small colony, they began adopting the androids as their children. After all their light mechanical features were a haunting resemblance of a little boy. Each designed with Tritanium based alloy limbs with blue electronic eyes and a cosmetic touch of golden locks of gold refined hair. They were given names of their real children and started to love them as if they were their children. It was the only way to fulfilled their void of loneliness.

 The company’s policy had stringent restrictions voiding children on space mission, due to legal and safety issues.

But it wasn’t until the margin of performance of each colony did they realize how important the presence of children became evident.E-Zone was very aware to the physiological effects of human colonies, ever since the lunar disaster where two thousand colonist lost their lives due to "Space Fever". Only after a routine medical scan of the colony did they notice the twenty eight colonists had symptoms of Space Fever. Quick action was taken to prevent the dismal outcome of the lunar disaster; they had to solve this problem before another mutiny happened on Titan.

The psychological reports came back with a surprising outcome. It was obvious what had to be done.
The little android boy quickly picked out a stream of light amongst the winter storm, still perched on the bench under the safety of the enclosed warm shelter. “Oh look,” he points in excitement, “My new brother and sister has arrived Mom!"

Who is Craig Ferguson & What is Black Angels?

If you don't know who Craig Ferguson is, all you have to do is check out Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson by
Craig Ferguson has great offerings. Great inside information about Craig Ferguson that most aren't aware of, for example : Did you know he was a drummer for a Punk Band in his earlier years.
He has directed:
  • I'll Be There - he won the Best Film at the Aspen,Dallas and Valencia festivals
  • Lenny the Wonder Dog
  • Born Romantic

  • Life Without Dick

  • Chain of Fools
And Craig wrote for Saving Grace and The Big Tease. Like J. Robb Montana Craig Ferguson has wrote acclaimed bestseller,Between the Bridge and The River.

Just watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and you'll find a truely nutty fun entertainer. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Craig became a US citizen in 2008 and soon after that he hosted the White House Dinner.
The best part is his new book that he just published "American on Purpose - a memoir of living the American dream." And this is what brings me to admire Craig Ferguson the most; he took the courage to express his trail and errors, from downfalls to great accomplishments.
As a comedian on his Late Late Show by Craig Ferguson with CBS, is has become a household name throughout North America. And Canadians Love him because he expresses how it is and places humor within the day to day grind of life.

What is Black Angels of Sirus 5 ?

Our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of billions of irregular galaxies within our known dimensional universal.

Most of us go about our daily lives taking little notice of the infinite universe above us with countless “B” Planets, given by name due, to the possibility of a living life form.

Religions of different faiths scatter Earth’s planet strongly contradicting each other while
intelligent Ancients of past civilization go unnoticed or secretly covered-up. 

Whatever may be the case, the Ancients are believed by the few and been sited throughout bible accounts as Angels on Fire also known as Black Angels of Sirus 5!

James Montana