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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who is Craig Ferguson & What is Black Angels?

If you don't know who Craig Ferguson is, all you have to do is check out Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson by
Craig Ferguson has great offerings. Great inside information about Craig Ferguson that most aren't aware of, for example : Did you know he was a drummer for a Punk Band in his earlier years.
He has directed:
  • I'll Be There - he won the Best Film at the Aspen,Dallas and Valencia festivals
  • Lenny the Wonder Dog
  • Born Romantic

  • Life Without Dick

  • Chain of Fools
And Craig wrote for Saving Grace and The Big Tease. Like J. Robb Montana Craig Ferguson has wrote acclaimed bestseller,Between the Bridge and The River.

Just watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and you'll find a truely nutty fun entertainer. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Craig became a US citizen in 2008 and soon after that he hosted the White House Dinner.
The best part is his new book that he just published "American on Purpose - a memoir of living the American dream." And this is what brings me to admire Craig Ferguson the most; he took the courage to express his trail and errors, from downfalls to great accomplishments.
As a comedian on his Late Late Show by Craig Ferguson with CBS, is has become a household name throughout North America. And Canadians Love him because he expresses how it is and places humor within the day to day grind of life.

What is Black Angels of Sirus 5 ?

Our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of billions of irregular galaxies within our known dimensional universal.

Most of us go about our daily lives taking little notice of the infinite universe above us with countless “B” Planets, given by name due, to the possibility of a living life form.

Religions of different faiths scatter Earth’s planet strongly contradicting each other while
intelligent Ancients of past civilization go unnoticed or secretly covered-up. 

Whatever may be the case, the Ancients are believed by the few and been sited throughout bible accounts as Angels on Fire also known as Black Angels of Sirus 5!

James Montana

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