Black Angels

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SciFI Resource Material -Black Angels

Black Angels of Sirus 5  by Bari Demers

An imaginative thrilling adventure about alien civilization before earth's last ice age over 130,000 years ago.

Writer Bari Demers creates an exciting screenplay using archaeological and religious evidence found today by scientists.

Under the Gulf of Khambhat

In 2001 India's Oceanantic Institute discovered monuments seven miles from shore deep under the Gulf of Khambhat. Ancient civilization artifacts have been found to date as far back as 32,000 years. According to India's Oceanantic Institute, this civilization was covered over by ice age melting over 9000 years ago. 

Legendary Lord Krishna

Hindu scholars believe this civilization is the legendary city of Dvaraka, home to Lord Krishna, an ancient powerful god in Hindu culture today. Hindus ancient scripts record a massive attack on Lord Krishna ancient city of Dvaraka by his elder brother, Devaki. It is believed Devaki attacked Krishna from the sky raining down energy weapons resembling lightning bolts. Krisha retalulated by releasing powerful arrows that roared like thunder. A massive war of particle rays from the sun finally destroyed Devaki flying machine saving Krisha's people. Krisha goes on to hide his city from further destruction, parting the sea, swallowing up the ancient city of Dvaraka.

City of Tiahuanaco

Ancient aliens civilizations have been discovered throughout planet earth,including stunning facts in Peru. High above in the Andes mountains,an elevation of 12,500 ft above sea level, lies an ancient city known as Tiahuanaco, located in a mountainous region east of the southern part of Lake Titicaca. Under the Lake of Titicaca scientists found monuments and facial sculptures resembling extraterrestrial beings and an ancient golden city called Paititi founded by the Inca dynasty, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, who were sent down to the Earth by the blazing of the sun.

In Inka mythology, Manco Capac and Mama 0cllo, children of the Sun, emerged from the depths of Lake Titicaca to found their empire within Tiahuanaco.

Big Rock

Just outside of Calgary, Alberta,Canada is a small town named Okotoks. 10 km southwest of Okotoks,for centuries, lies an ancient rectangular rock called Big Rock weighting in at 16,500 tons, measuring 134 ft. long with a depth of 29 ft and a width of over 59 ft. It is a massive monument that appears to have been dropped from the sky, due to a corner piece over half a mile from the Big Rock. 

The Adventure

All of these artifact accounts of ancient astronauts caught James Montana Scripts.

Writer Bari Demers has pieced together an adventurous science-fiction screenplay, BLACK ANGELS. 

An adventurous account of ancient astronauts arriving over 100,000 years ago on Earth, landscaping architectural wonders across the globe. SIRIANS were the first to cross genetics with APE-MAN, apparently improving mankind.  What they didn't realize, was the consequences of speeding up evolution.  Mankind wasn't ready and it made us into who we are today, a blood-thirsty intelligent race of human beings. Throughout our hostel history, mankind has conquered and destroyed anything in its path.  We may have the intelligence, but we always resort back to violence. 

BLACK ANGELS will take you on a journey of our ancient ancestors, explaining the scientific theories and what happened to them. 

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