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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Power of Star Trek by J. Robb Montana

Bari Marcus Anthony 

On a warm summer's night in 1967, as any young boy would do, I spent my time looking up at the stars, watching meteorites shoot across the night sky, dreaming of traveling across the universe, destined for an unknown planet;
"...To boldly go where no man has gone before..."  

Within a small town called Vernon, in the southern Okanagan valley of British Columbia, my summer holidays were coming to an end. But, I was really excited to watch the newest science fiction TV series, Star Trek produced by Gene Roddenberry.

The year before Star Trek, another science fiction TV series had me glued to the tube, Lost in Space produced by Irwin Allen.

 I was hooked, all my days were spent playing and dreaming about Space Exploration.  

My world suddenly became Star Trek, actually imagining being part of the crew along with Captain James T. Kirk. Dreaming, drawing and playing Star Trek was a big part of my life growing into the thoughts of becoming an astronaut. Little did I know at the time, only American astronauts were recruited by NASA.

I religiously watched every episode of Star Trek, studying the rolls of each actor:

1.     James T. Kirk played by William Shatner
2.     Spock played by Leonard Nimoy
3.     Bones - Dr. Leonard McCoy played by DeForest Kelley
4.     Scotty played by James Doohan
5.     Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols
6.     Sulu played by George Takei
7.     Chekov played by Walter Koenig

The original Star Trek series lasted three years, but that didn't stop anything. I watched all the re-runs of Star Trek at least ten times. 

Then came Star Wars by George Lucas; space exploration was back in full swing when Paramount Pictures produced eleven Star Trek films. 
The Power of Star Trek rocked across the world where Trekkie's dressed the part at Star Trek Conventions, including annual conventions in Las Vegas.

Zip 10 years later, my calling as an astronaut faded, turning my interest into creative writing.

The Power of Star Trek stirred my interest into science fiction script writing, where today I'm writing a screenplay, Synopsis:Black Angels - a science-fiction thriller by author Bari Marcus Anthony.

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