Black Angels

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Servant Centurion 797 - Dilornian Reports 2015


MISSION RECORDED  - JULY 14 2015 - Phase V


Year of Our Lords - Earth Occupation Data 

To Queen Siri XII, my Highness of The Gods of Sirius, thus speaks Dilornian, the loyal servant to my Queen.

I bow to the Queen, Highness of my Dear Gods of Sirius, seven times and seven times more, I cast myself down in humility.

I have important updates as requested by my Queen of all Queens, dearest Queen Siri XII.


Mission Apollo progress report on this date, JULY 01.2015, Lords of our Gods of Sirius. 

We have made numerous contact with Species Catalogue #4060 - 7274367 Homo-Sapiens of Planet ALPHA XL-420 through government officials masked under Project : MISSION APOLLO.

As stated, the Dark side of the Moon, is going as planned, but with considerable interference.

May the Queen know the continuing interference with Species Catalogue #843 - 47297 The Grays have become a nuisance, to say the least. 

Their hostility against us and the earthlings has caused considerable delays, that we cannot complete our task on time.  

It's been documented that The Grays have been performing unsanctioned ALIEN ABDUCTIONS on Homo-Sapiens of Earth.

It is said, they have been given permission by the leaders of the Homo-Sapiens governments.  We have found this is NOT the case at all. Their insistence on lies have become intolerable. 

They have also been using a natural plant grown on Earth, known as, MJ. Their continuous use of MJ has made them into these comical TIME STONERS  (please excuse my pun - we all know the correct use of the word is Time Zoners).  In reference to TIME ZONERS, it's been calculated The Grays continuous use of TIME TRAVEL will place a strain on the overall time continuum. 

It is my suggestion to begin imposing TIME TRAVEL sanctions against The Grays.  In respect, we would prohibited them from using the wormholes locations, Jupiter and Saturn, respectively.  

Forgive me my dear Queen of all Queens, Highness of them all.

I pray to The Gods of Sirius that their presence will be eliminated, so I may continue on with the most important task instructed by you, my dear Queen Siri XII. 

Respectfully, I bow to the Queen, Highness of my Dear Gods of Sirius, seven times and seven times more, I cast myself down in humility.

In addition, Jupiter's Great Red Spot has increasingly expanded due to the over-use of the wormhole.  

Fortune has it, the Homo-Sapiens are still oblivious to the understanding about the Great Red Spot.  Of course, it is indeed a wormhole and gateway to other universes, and or galaxies.  

But I fear, they are becoming increasingly curious. It’s also troublesome, the increasingly aging Warheads are becoming worrisome to all the ALIEN SPECIES occupying ALPHA XL- 420 (Earth).  Eight of the ten heads of the UNIVERSAL STATE OF AFFAIRS have lodged official complaints.

It's even more disturbing to know, the region known as Yellowstone National Park, is becoming more and more unstable.  The factual information of the magma expansion under a Super Volcano has become frightening, to say the least. 

If we can't control the magma, it will surely mean the complete destruction of ALPHA XL- 420 as we know it today.

Black Angels by Bari 


To conclude this TOP SECRET electronic transmission to my Queen Siri XII, Highness of The Gods of Sirius, it's imperative I receive your blessing to proceed. 
WE are fortune, there's still a good supply of  ROSE CRYSTAL available in the Africana jungles, the Canadian Rockies (YOHO) and the new colonial region known as the Australian Island.

I require your RED SEAL order of approval, enabling me to be released by your permission, to begin mining of the said ROSE CRYSTAL

The above information is to the best of my knowledge at this time.  

Oh, forgive me my Queen Siri XII, I almost forgot to report, we have NOT located android ALISHA - Series 6000, at this time.  Her location is unknown at this time.  With your permission, may I request extra ROYAL EMPEROR TROOPS to continue search throughout this solar system.  At this time our DRONES have NOT been successful in locating Casey- Series 6000 on Earth.

I bow to the Queen, Highness of my Dear Gods of Sirius, seven times and seven times more,  I cast myself down in humility.

In praise to the Lords of Our Gods - Sovereign Rule of Our Kingdom under our Lord Queen Siri XII


Mission Accomplishments are seeded and are said to be in progress. 

May The Lord Our Gods Be With You

Signed by Dilornian, the loyal servant to my Queen.


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