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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SIRIANS GODS - The Modern Human Connection

By Bari Marcus Anthony

On Earth, 700,000 years ago evolution of mankind evolved along slowly, introducing our most ancient ancestor, the Denisovans.  Move along to 400,000 years we have archaeological evidence of the Denisovans close relatives, the Neanderthal

Evolutionary timeline was going along as it should, until a remarkable drastic change happened 100,000 years ago.  A more MODERN HUMAN in the evolutionary timeline has been recorded by archaeologists.  Before the change mankind evolved from archaic Homo sapiens in the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago.


Suddenly, the Modern Human emerged from the sub-Saharan Africa region.


Throughout history mankind has recorded legends, by means of art, scriptures or hieroglyphics. It been said 100,000 years ago the evolution of mankind was drastically changed by the SIRIANS, mutating our genetics into who we are today, Homo-Sapiens.

Our creators were in fact playing GOD, but in reality, their main purpose was to save their own species. 

The Gods of the Heavens were recorded as the Syrians by the Egyptians hieroglyphics, but earlier manuscripts wrote them as the true Sirians -  Gods of the Heavens above.  

The hieroglyphics read, the Gods of the Sirians originally came from the stars of Sirius by the request of ATUM, the GOD OF CREATION. 

The Egyptians had a long relationship with the Syrians from trading to fighting battles, throughout the millennium. Their relationship was even closer than expected.  As much as the Egyptians wanted to deny it, the fact is, the Egyptians were close families to the Syrians.  

According to legend, King Osiris dynasty was blessed by the God of Creation, with the birth of two twin sons by his wife, Queen Isis.  Their first born son was named Adamn, under respect of their creator, ATUM.  The second son, born only minutes apart, was named Horus, the god of the SUN. 

Both brothers fought constantly, one wanting what the other had. Horus spoiled upbringing gave him a pompous uncontrolled ego.

One day, its been told, Horus (only 10 years old) asked his father," Who would occupy his earth throne when he takes his journey into afterlife?" His father explained to him, it's always been the oldest.  Horus couldn't fathom the thought.  To think, Adamn would be successor to the throne.  He was upset for days, dis-relishing the thought his brother would one day control him.  Angered and full of selfishness, he poured out his troubles with his beloved uncle Set.  

Little did Horus know, his uncle had plans of his own.  

Uncle Set took Horus under his wing, showering him with gifts and making him feel like his very own son. Set convinced the troubled Horus he would do his very best to change his brothers mind, that Horus was indeed the best candidate for the throne. But, to make this happen, he instructed Horus it was important to talk to King Osiris alone.  Little did the young Horus know the true reason.

Unknown to King Osiris, his sons were the least of his worry's. 

His brother Set was devising a plot to kill him, to rule as the new pharaoh.  Set knew it was extremely hard to find King Osiris by himself, without being protected by his guards, so he convinced Horus to trick his dad.  Horus asked his dad if it would be possible to go hunting together without his brigade of armed guards. And, because it was Horus's birthday, he agreed, but it was very important to keep it a secret.  Of course, he told his uncle right away. 

The trap was set ! 

Horus and his dad were just about to head out on the hunting excursion early one morning, when Horus said he forgot his best hunting bow behind. He convinced King Osiris he would meet him shortly by the river.  But of course, he never arrived. In his place was his brother Set. 

Set succeeded in killing King Osiris and tried to do the same to Adamn. But Adamn fled to the land of Syria, under the safety of the Sirians. In anger, Set removed Adamn from all scriptures, as if he never existed in the first place.  

Horus felt betrayed by his uncle and tried to harm him, but failed miserably.  

Set was about to cut off his head, when Queen Isis plead for his mercy, saying she would do anything he asked.  Set agreed and allowed Horus to be raised by his mother.  King Set took Osiris wife, Isis as his second wife to her twin sister, Queen Nephthys.  He went on to build an empire along the Nile River of Northeastern Africa, as the new founder and pharaoh of the Egyptians.

There's even a further tale where "...Nephthys couldn't have a child with Set, so she disguised herself as her twin, Isis, to seduce him. The plot succeeded, resulting in the birth of Anubis."*

It was written, when Horus grew up, he took revenge over his fathers death by murdering King Set, but in actuality, Horus was only after the power of the throne.

And, as far as Adamn was concerned, his prophesy didn't emerge until biblical accounts from the Christian era. 


In earlier hieroglyphics, the Egyptians wrote more about Atum, the God of Creation.  It was speculated Atum had a growing concern over the fate of his children, the Sirians.  Through visions and dreams, Atum ordered King Osiris to find new blood on a distant planet, before it was too late.  He feared their species would eventually die of a deadly plague

During this time, 250,000  years ago, the true bloodline of the Sirians were sent here from the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation under the orders of King Osiris (the 10th dynasty in the old kingdom of THE GODS OF SIRIUS).

To the Syrians and Egyptians, King Osiris was considered the holy descendant and rebirth of THE GODS OF SIRIUS under the one and only, highest GODS of them all, LORD GOD ATUM.

It was speculated, Atum was the one of the same god from the biblical version, known as Lord God, creator of the heavens and earth.

In light of this, here on earth, archaeologists have made an incredible discovery. 

Throughout the archaeological community, it's known,"... the Mesopotamia empire dates back as far as 700,000 years ago, with the central region, Eber Nari.  Biblical accounts of this region was recorded including scriptures by the Assyrians and Persian Kings. 

Interestingly, archaeologists found a sudden significant change that happened 100,000 years ago, where evidence encounters a more MODERN HUMAN..."*

In fact, the accounts of the time and the evolutionary change in mankind, points to the suggestion, that the cross genetics or mutation of mankind  into Homo-Sapiens was the beginning of a more intelligent "Modern Human", speeding up  the course of our evolution. 

But, at what cost ?

BLACK ANGELS - Graphic Art Credit : Bari 


The truth of the matter is, the advance Sirians civilization, came here out of desperation, seeking a cure for the deadly virus. These ancient astronauts endless search revealed a promising compound drug on earth, referred to as Rose Crystal.

The Rose Crystal was said to be the answer to eliminating the virus once and for all, but it was unclear if this was the case at all.  During the same time, interesting accounts had rumored, that throughout the last century of King Osiris dynasty, there were numerous sightings and encounters of alien monsters, only known as BLACK ANGELS

I could go further into my story, however, it’s best you pick up a copy of my book today

Maybe we would be considered THE GODS FROM THE HEAVENS.


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